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Post-covid times give us the learning of a lifetime: Ashmita Dhingra, Co-founder, Digifish3

Ashmita Dhingra

With changing times, the many dimensions of consumer behaviours are changing. And so are the marketing and communication strategies. Exploring to understand a few aspects about this, BiznessByte(BB) had a candid chart recently wit Ashmita Dhingra(AD) who is the co-founder of Digifish3, a communication and marketing agency that operates in the digital space. Here is some edited excerpts of a candid chat with her:

BB: What was the idea behind launching Digifish3?

AD: A few years back, people were not aware of the digital mode of marketing, and persuading brands to utilize this methodology was a gigantic risk. Digifish3 wanted to prove its worth in this domain and by means of its perseverance & knack, it showcased results to the brands.

The company fought bravely with the initial challenges which include financial crunches, time management, processes, and making people understand the benefits of this new marketing domain.

In the initial stage, we faced a lot of roadblocks because people were apprehensive about the impact of the new took of marketing- The Digital Media World.  To change that existing thought, Digifish3 came into the market to give people a better and more planned approach to their brand. Digifish3 was created to give users a good digital experience with a customer-centric approach.

BB: Please let us know more about your venture and future plans.

AD: Digifish3’s expertise extends over a wide gamut of services covering all aspects of marketing. We work on the 3 major pillars of marketing which include

  • Presence
  • Promotions and,
  • Engagement

We customize our plans/ strategies according to the uniqueness of the clientele’.. We help in making your brand popular on various social media handles and promote your brand through

  • Mobile Advertising
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Adwords
  • Influencer or Celebrity connect, and much more…..

We are a one-stop agency to catering 360-degree marketing essentials.

Our goal as a Digital Marketing Agency is to become an extension of our client’s marketing team to ensure a truly collaborative and profitable partnership. In short, we help companies achieve long-term growth by becoming their personal marketing department and not as a typical “vendor”.

BB: Who are the main target audiences of your brand?

AD: As a growing digital marketing agency, we cater

  • To the one with clear business challenges or looking for a fresh perspective, we’re here to help!
  • To the individuals or the business owners who want to leverage the online platform
  • To the people who need the right direction to brand their business effectively
  • To the people who want to make the best use of social media or content marketing
  • To the people who are looking to expand their business reach globally

Industries we serve

  • Healthcare & Fitness
  • The hotel chains, Restaurants & Bars
  • Logistic Distribution
  • Media Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Travel & Tourism
  • FMCG
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Travel
  • Aviation

And many more …

BB: How do you see Digisfish3 in the next 5 years from now?

AD: We are a growing company in the advancing media sector. The prime goal of Digifish3 is to support new ventures, and startups, providing digital consultancy to existing businesses & better digital solutions to all the people seeking it.

Engaging your consumer base is the key to success. People tend to lose focus on their existing consumers while focusing on new consumer acquisitions. We are a one-stop solution to all the problems of a brand.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the breadth of options that this new digital world creates. Likewise, we want to be that support system/ growth partner for all the new ventures/ startups out there.

As services are our forte, so we would also be expanding and trying our hands on buzzing areas around such as travel, fashion, or an e-com platform and market the same digitally. Rest International Brand Tie-ups and expansion is surely on cards. The future is a Bright light, which we would like to enter with positivity and reach a new horizon.

Success is merely not for the organization, but success for each and everyone working with us is always our wish.

BB: Do you see any impact of COVID-19 on your business?

AD: With the COVID-19 crisis, the prime fundamental changes were seen in the

  • Consumer behavior
  • Pace of working
  • Route to marketing
  • Social distancing restrictions

Responding to the pandemic has underscored the need for leaders to accelerate the adoption of agile ways of working and value chain transformation to help outmaneuver uncertainty. The way we used to work and adapt to new things completely changed drastically.

It resulted in changes in

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Media Spending Behaviour

Post analysis of the above-mentioned points, we evaluated streamlined plans for advertising and marketing campaigns to maintain a steady stream of income.

From outlining different communication strategies to changing the approach to humanizing everything around so as to create a better relationship with the user out there. But in the end— we survived as a BRAND as that’s what I & my team are all about; i.e., standing by each other in all the difficult times.

BB: What difference you have been observing pre & post-Covid time?

AD: Before the covid-hit, the complete scenario was different— the way we used to operate, market, and analyze.

But, post covid times, give us the learning of a lifetime!
The way we used to

  • Market
  • Look for the brand reputation issues
  • Identify potential new products and services
  • Focus on creative and strategic marketing campaigns, and using social media effectively— it all changed.

The difference was not only about the marketing mix or activities on how we operate and see everything from the revenue end. But it was also how we used to interact freely post covid times. But yes we have turned the tables around and we’re still standing still in this competitive market.

Covid has taught brands to survive in the competitive market even without being seen physically by their users. We were partners with many such brands in these difficult times.

It surely was a game-changer for digital marketers to think way beyond real strategies, but we sailed through it and must say it went well!

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