Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

In Conversation with Mr. Himanshu Jain – the Man Behind Mensome

Himanshu Jain

Mr. Himanshu Jain has done B. TECH in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from MDU and PGDM (Masters) in International Business Operations from SRCC, Delhi University. He was born and brought UP in a working middle-class family in Delhi. He never thought he would start something of his own in fact he had good career growth going in the corporate sector and while leaving the job he had 2-3 job opportunities with other leading MNC also & after having in-depth research and long conversations with different stakeholders he realized there were not so many products in the men grooming category. So he felt there is a void in the Male grooming and Gifting market and that it needed to be filled. There comes the idea of MENSOME


BB: What was the idea behind launching Mensome?

HJ: During my job, I had to meet different distributors and retailers of FMCG products, I discovered that men grooming products were limited to hair cutting and shaving products only, in a similar way I had to meet gift shops owners also and I discovered that male gifting products were limited to wallet, belts, perfume and watches only.

I decided to fill this void in the male grooming and gifting products category with MENSOME.

With grooming products, we wanted to solve the real skin and hair problems faced by men rather than providing them with fancy grooming products. We curated the products in a more natural and less chemical way. They are free from paraben and sulfates and other harsh chemicals.

We also introduced men’s clothing accessories like Neck Tie, Cufflinks, Pocket Square, Lapel Pin, etc., and combined them in such a way that it opened a new gifting option in the men’s gift category and was well accepted by the customers.


 BB: Please let us know more about your brand.

HJ: At MENSOME we deal in Men Clothing Accessories, Grooming/Personal Care, and Gifting Products.

Short Term Vision: Create awareness of our brand and build community on social media channels

Long Term Vision: To make MENSOME available to customers through both online and offline channels and open exclusive stores with the introduction of complete shirting and suiting range.

At MENSOME we have a philosophy that when a customer opens or uses the Mensome product, he should be filled with joy.


BB: Who are the main target audiences of your brand?

HJ: We are targeting Men in the age group of 21-35 years who have started consuming products for their own use and requirement and have access to the internet with good consumption of content.


BB: How do you see MENSOME in the next 2 years from now?

HJ: In 3-5 years we are aiming to launch a complete Men suiting and Grooming Range available in leading Fashion Stores with a Franchise model and distribution channel in place.


BB: Have you seen any impact of COVID-19 on your business?

HJ: In the 1st year of the pandemic we did grow by 50% in terms of sales revenue YOY whereas the 2nd year was a challenge but we managed to maintain financial hygiene and focused more on our best-selling products.


BB: What difference you have been observing pre & post covid time?

HJ: In the last year, we have started focusing on our own website, growing our social media community, and phasing out products that are not performing well. As in the post-pandemic, we have seen a sudden surge of D2C brands on marketplaces and customer acquisition cost has increased drastically. There is a need to build channels by which we can create customer loyalty and retain existing customers.


 BB: One piece of advice you want to give to the millennials about the skincare regime?

HJ: Follow your skincare routine in a more natural way and less chemical way.

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