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EV Industry in India will still take another few years to evolve: Trilok Nath Mittal, MD, TNR Electric Vehicles

Trilok Nath Mittal

Trilok Nath Mittal

T.N.R – the organization is devoted to E-vehicles and has been manufacturing several of their kinds for the past few years. Today, several TNR scooters can be seen plying on the roads and have become an integral part of households. TNR scooters are also one of the most loved E-vehicle names among today’s youth. The trifecta behind TNR is Mr. Trilok Nath Mittal, Mr. Naveen Sachdeva and Mr. Rajeev Gupta.

In a candid chat, the BusinessByte team talked to Mr. Trilok Nath Mittal, MD, TNR Electric Vehicles, to get more insights about the company’s activities and future plans, along with his perspectives on the Indian EV market.

BB: What is the idea of entering into the EV segment?

TNM: The Earth has been at the mercy of the human race, and only a handful of people have the conscience to protect it. But, we encourage everyone to at least do their bit, and also, we, as someone associated with the question of sustainability, take it as our duty to preserve natural resources. Hence, the thought of entering into the EV segment is driven by one of the major afflictions on humanity – i.e. pollution. Considering the future generations, we desire to leave behind a more favorable environment for them as compared to the one we are sustained by.

BB: How long do you think India would need to have a stable EV infrastructure?

TNM: Due to the scarce availability of infrastructure for EV charging and several other factors, the EV Industry in India will still take another few years to evolve. However, with the government introducing new policies to encourage growth and reliability in the EV segment, the transition does not appear at the farthest end.

BB: How has COVID 19 impacted sales?

TNM: The pandemic has been a devastating experience for all, but somehow proved a boon for people like us involved in the automobile sector. Given the chaos of the pandemic, people started shifting from shared mobility to personal vehicles which encouraged an increase in sales.

Also, as people started to adapt to eco-friendly modes of transport, combined with their desire to own a vehicle resulted in higher sales during and after the lockdown in 2020.

BB: What are the technological advancements at TNR?

TNM:  Within a few years of our inception, we have achieved roughly 20% of the market share, and we feel it’s a remarkable achievement for the TNR Team.

Not much time has passed since we stepped into the market with this new venture, yet the experience has been motivational and enlightening for us. Each day concludes with a new lesson that helps us to work vehemently towards reaching our ultimate goal – a goal of spreading our roots to every road and highway of India. Driven by this spirit, we are constantly investing in improving our products’ quality and efficiency to make them the most selling product in the nation.

As per the exact demands of our valued clients, in a short time frame, we have presented a range of electric scooters working on Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries. All models of TNR scooters are iCAT approved & run on 48v, 60v & 72v HD quality motor & controller with string, making them the most loved Electric Scooters in India in the electric vehicles category.

BB: Share with us how TNR coped with the COVID scenario and its key learnings and takeaways from the pandemic.

TNM: To begin with, we issued an advisory concerning the safety of people in all of our dealerships to deal with COVID-19. They maintain safety precautions such as sanitization, appropriate distancing, and a small rotational workforce. While retailing, we make certain that all products are sanitized, both during their assembly and at the dealership. All operations are always in accordance with the government’s guidelines and standards.

BB: We would be excited to know about the future plans of the company.

TNM: TNR has been progressing beautifully as a household automobile brand and very soon, the company will foray into 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers E-vehicles segments as well. But, yes, before that, we’re planning something for E-bikes for the immediate future.

BB: We would like to know more about your manufacturing facilities -Location, Capacities, etc.

TNM: Our old unit was complete with all the best machinery & facilities for our workers, so they could meet with their targets with the utmost ease. But our new manufacturing unit is thrice in size like the previous one, ensuring better productivity, efficiency, safety with increased production. At present, we have a capacity of approx. 45000 electric two-wheelers. Also, as we’re focusing on E-bikes in the coming years, we’ve made provisions for that as well. Our target is to double our production by 2022-23.

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