Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

‘Financial literacy is the need of the hour for millennials’

Financial Literacy

The need for having financial literacy has never been higher; with the burgeoning Indian economy driven by its strong stock market, the time is ripe for individuals to capitalise on the potential gains offered by strategic investments driven by a mix of art and science. The ideal approach to financial education is to ‘catch the youngsters’, as Lack of financial literacy is something that is one of the major challenge among today’s generation. 


The stock market is considered a good place to generate wealth over a short period of time. Today, many younger people are taking steps managing their finances by discovering different avenues like the stock market and mutual funds. But as we all know incomplete knowledge is always dangerous. While the generation is ready to explore the financial markets, the question still remains the same, are they prepared enough? 


According to Sachin K Sheoran, Founder HBF Direct “Nowadays there are many such training programs available like Incomet who came up with a vision to enrich the lives of the already exceptional Indian youth with stock market education. These training programs helps the students with constant innovation of the market information & also gives them real-time practical exposure. These things help the student to constantly keep them self-updated with the ups & downs of the market.” 


In the era of social media, some people fool their viewers & followers by appealing them with various stock market methodologies and showing huge profits! If it were so easy to make money in the market, there would be no other careers. 


Considering the fact, “we also recognized Incomet the best EdTech startup in 2021-2022 for creating some of the finest entrepreneurs in Stock Trading” added Sheron. 


HBF EdTech & Entrepreneurship award by HBF Direct Limited in presence of Ajay Thakur (Head – BSE SME) has given an award for rising startup in India. Out of only two awards this year and Incomet won one of them.


Incomet, an ed-tech platform, established by its mercurial founder Kanishk Gupta in 2019, with the aim of simplify and redefining financial literacy through its Stock Entrepreneur Program (SEP) by enriching the lives of Indian youth with stock market trading using robust technical analysis and making them accessible to every individual. 2021 has been a remarkable year of growth for the company and it wants to use its position in the market to strengthen its offerings. The next year beckons the launch of new products and services will take the Indian financial education sector by storm, create a better value point for individuals eager to learn, and empower them to become better versions of themselves.

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