Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

Top 5 Effective Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

By Sudhanshu Malik

Before we talk about 5 effective digital marketing trends for 2022, let’s understand the fact that marketers still face a landscape disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. And between new business models, technological applications, and regulatory changes, what worked well for the digital marketing strategy earlier might not work well today.

In the year 2022, marketers need to follow new trends to digitally engage their audience post-pandemic while harnessing the potential of technological innovations.

Here are he 5 effective digital marketing trends for 2022:

1) Conversational Marketing

In the year 2022 conversational marketing is going to be the number one digital marketing trend. Digital marketers need to be storytellers.

Every brand needs to deliver their core business messaging in a way that tells stories about their products or services.

As many businesses still use flowery words to describe their products. What is really missing is a real life display of the pros that the product has.

The customers are really not interested in hearing how fantastic your product or service is. What they mainly want to know is the story about the time you helped to solve a specific problem or the journey of how people use and enjoy your product.

2) Leverage Artificial intelligence (AI) in Marketing

It is a vital digital marketing trend that will take over every aspect of your lives in the future. 60% of users have interacted with an AI Chabot for solving queries across multiple apps and websites.

AI technology is projected to be a $190 billion industry by 2025 and digital marketers have an amazing opportunity to exploit this hi-tech tool.AI consists of complex algorithms that use data about a certain field or topic to learn the patterns that work the best.

One of the best examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in content writing for JP Morgan and Chase. They have adopted an AI-driven content writing assistant called Persuado.

AI can serve many functions to every digital marketer who knows the right way to deploy it across the use case. It is cost-effective, precise, along with extremely effective.

3) Focus More on Online Reviews

It won’t be wrong to say – Online reviews can make or break your business’s ability to attract new customers.

Building your brand credibility over your competition and showcasing your top-notch services or advanced products by word of mouth keep people coming back. While any company can flatter on their own products or services, other consumers can provide real, unbiased reviews.

The most useful review for a business on digital platform to receive is through Google Business.

The Google reviews are the most trusted sources, they are the most visible, and your Google Business listing lets people call or visit the website.

4) Follow Influencer Marketing

In today’s time influencers play a main role in marketing. Influencers are those that people trust in a specific field like professional athletes, celebrities.

Influencers have a great number of followers online to promote their business, services, or message. Influencer marketing explore these communities that are often vast, active, and very loyal to the influencer they follow.

In order to make influencer marketing effective, you don’t always need to work with a huge star or hero. You can search for people with growing audiences on new platforms, and notice how they interact with their followers.

Having a limited but dedicated audience is more productive for your marketing purposes than having a large but disconnected audience.

5) Create Mobile-First Websites

The prevalence of smartphones for the majority of our internet browsing, many websites are created with a mobile-first design.

It doesn’t mean that you should not care about how your site displays on a desktop view.

It simply means that when the website is being designed, it’s mapped out on the smallest screen first to deliver the best experience to mobile users while including features designed to improve mobile use.

> There can be many attributes such as:
> Touchscreen-friendly navigation
> Streamlined navigation menus
> Less text-heavy content, along with functions like collapsible menus.

The website will work well on desktops and large screens; however, the user experience is tailored to mobile users.

You will witness significant benefits from fast page loading, improved SERP, mobile integrative features like voice detection, and an overall enhanced user experience to help boost conversions.

Even though we can just speculate on what will impact more, one thing is static that customers will continue to be more demanding and this is why it is best to adopt alternative advertising methods. You, as a digital marketer, should continue experimenting along with measuring the impact of their activities. Last but not the least, one should ensure that you are considering new technology.


The author, Sudhanshu Malik is founder & CEO at Stealeads, an integrated digital marketing and content strategy firm.

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