Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

TAPBS PETS Unveils Filo Milo Cat litter at Southern India

FiloMilo cat litter

FiloMilo brand owned by TABPS, one of the fastest-growing brands in the pets’ industry, made sure to utilise southern India’s at Whispering Stones in Coimbatore. The company launched Filo Milo Cat litter and displayed several other products at the carnival.

FiloMilo cat litter was launched in 2 variants – scented and unscented. The scented cat litter came in fruity floral. Both of these variants have been made with 100% Bentonite Clay and is easily scoopable. The catchy name attracted hundreds of visitors along with their pets to this stall at the carnival. When asked about the quality and quantity of cat litter, the majority of the pet owners praised the product and company for their product. These reviews by customers helped the company gather responses better than expected.

Speaking about the product Brindha Prabhu, Co Founder, TABPS Pets, quoted: “Cats are extremely clean pets who prefer to cover their faces with clay in the wild. In apartments, it is imperative we provide them with a close to nature alternative. Our cat litter is formulated with 100% natural clay which is highly absorbent, easy clumping and non-allergic to cats. They have very little dust in them”

The product was showcased at the stall in the carnival, but it can be obtained from amazon. The available size of the cat litter is 6kg and comes at an affordable price tag of just 599 INR. By making it available online, the company has made sure that pet lovers across the country can get their hands on the best cat litter in the market. Along with the cat litter, TABPS placed other products of FiloMilo too. The company has also showcased their best quality Chicken biscuits. Not only the stall was for cats but it attracted several dog owners too, all of whom praise the brand highly.


Filo Milo Cat litter is available on Amazon as well

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