Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Mindler launches Scholarship & Talent Hunt 2022


Mindler is bringing this initiative in collaboration with Afairs (one of Asia’s leading education enablers for student-university outreach) and Education World. Basis last year’s trends, Mindler expects to see students participating from each state across the country and the Middle East.

Launched film actor Vivek Oberoi, the Mindler Scholarship Hunt has been specially designed to identify and reward the students across various career domains and give them a launchpad to achieve their dreams. Through the hunt, students will be assessed on their unique talents and traits, given a platform to connect and engage with universities around the world, and earn the chance to win scholarships worth over INR 25 crores.

Apart from the 3,000 scholarship offers from participating universities, the Mindler Scholarship & Talent Hunt will also be rewarding the top 10 students with a scholarship offer for any university of choice in India. Besides, the Mindler Scholarship & Talent Hunt will also help students discover various scholarships and enable them to get comprehensive career profiling using Mindler Talent Evaluation Assessment and discover best-fit career paths based on their unique talents and strengths.

Launching the platform virtually, Oberoi said “Super excited to hear the exciting and amazing things Mindler is doing and love this idea of scholarships for students where Mindler is creating the bridge for people to get opportunities. When I was studying in New York University getting a scholarship was such a difficult journey and I am glad that Mindler is bringing such amazing opportunities for students.”

During his address, Vivek Oberoi encouraged students to leverage this opportunity coming their way but also give back and do their bit for others in whichever way possible. He emphasized that what’s important is the mindset of gratitude, the attitude of gratitude, the art of living, but the art of giving!


Students participating in this initiative will go through a three-step process which includes:

Step 1: Register for the Mindler Scholarship & Talent Hunt by completing their profile and entering all their achievements during their school days.

Step 2: Take the Mindler Talent Evaluation Assessment, which evaluates the students’ unique skills and talents.

Step 3: Express University & Scholarship Preferences to indicate their preferred Career Domains and Universities.

Registration for the Mindler Scholarship Hunt is now live at:


Talent evaluation is based on a variety of parameters such as the students’ aptitude, leadership quotient, emotional quotient, personality traits, working style and much more. The assessment results coupled with past academic performances of the students along with their co-curricular and extracurricular achievements will help arrive at a combined score. What this methodology ensures is that every student has an equal chance of success during the Mindler Scholarship & Talent Hunt and every facet of their achievements and strengths is taken into consideration.

Sharing his views, Prateek Bhargava, Founder & CEO, Mindler, stated: “After the resounding success of the Mindler Scholarship & Talent Hunt last year we are super excited to create an even bigger impact this year. The current batch of Class 12 students have had a challenging year with lots of ambiguity in this crucial phase of their career decision making journey. Through this initiative will be supporting our students to gain clarity in the face of this adversity and steer them in the right direction. I would like to thank all our University partners who have joined hands with us in this initiative and enabling us to empower students.”

Some of the leading Universities who are participating in this initiative include Atria University, ICFAI Group, Jagran Lakecity University, OP Jindal Global University, Shiv Nadar University, SRM University Delhi NCR, TAPMI – T A Pai Management Institute (MAHE), Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Flame University, KREA University, University of Bristol, University of Exeter, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, Acharya Institutes, Bennett University, JK Lakshmipat University, KIIT University, Monash University, Vidyashilp University, Queens Canada, Ryerson University, University of Windsor, University of Mc Master, York University and many more!

Mindler had  launched the Mindler Internship Program earlier , which saw over 30,000 Class 12 Students go through a 5-week long virtual internship that gave them the experience of interning with a fast-paced growing organization. All the students participating in this internship got access to an exciting gamified leader board which enabled them to earn badges by completing various tasks and assignments and win various prizes worth over INR 10 lakhs including Apple IPads, EarPods, Amazon Kindle and Amazon Vouchers. Further, students got offer letters, certificates of internship completion and letters of recommendation.

With over 93% students aware of less than 7 career options, high-school students are often unsure about the right career pathway to pursue. The pandemic has further accentuated the confusion with a lot of changes in the ecosystem and made the career decision making process even more complex. With uncertainty being the norm over the last couple of years, the current batch of Class 12 students face a unique set of challenges with regard to college planning and admissions. The Mindler Scholarship & Talent Hunt intends to fill these gaps and empower students to discover & access scholarships, gain career clarity and even drive University connect.

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