Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

IceWarp Opens Its New Office in Middle East

In a bid to expand its business globally IceWarp, leading email communication and collaboration solutions developer company,  opened a new office in Dubai recently. The company is now offering a solution ecosystem that transforms how teams share information online and optimizes business processes through its streamlined and seamless team collaboration tools in the UAE. At present IceWarp has offices in Czechia, USA, Germany, India and Russia.


The sudden, rapid shift to remote and hybrid working scenarios in recent years has made IceWarp’s family of applications highly sought after, owing to its smooth interface and ability to be used alongside common enterprise collaboration software.


IceWarp delivers an innovative, cost effective, all-in-one collaboration platform consisting of an entire family of apps that offer real-time collaboration tools, simplified sharing options, and the smooth integration of various virtual office functions. By integrating everything users need under a single login – email, TeamChat, and storage, IceWarp is able to provide users with a superior communication experience at work. The company has witnessed an unprecedented growth of its collaboration solution among new and existing customers during the pandemic. Individuals using standard email offerings are adopting the collaborative platform, and customers looking for a cost-effective alternative to solution providers like G Suite and Office 365 are choosing IceWarp as their preferred enterprise for business emails and collaboration.


Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India and Middle East said, “We at IceWarp are committed to providing businesses with an affordable, seamlessly integrated and easy to use communications solution that covers all aspects of business collaboration and productivity. Growing enterprises in a business hub like the UAE can benefit greatly from using our solution and we are excited to help them make the switch to a world of uncomplicated, secure, and convenient communications. Our unique all-in-one email and Collaboration Suite helps larger organizations achieve optimum teamwork without any hindrances or security breaches. We have been providing our solution across industries like Pharma and healthcare, BFSI, BPO’s, manufacturing, retail, and more.,”


Moreover, the company is also planning to broaden its product portfolio with new added features and expand its business in other parts of the world. IceWarp aims at continuous and comprehensive innovations considering current trends and requirements of its customers worldwide. IceWarp’s services enhance remote working and collaboration, like business email, TeamChat for project teams, real-time office document collaboration, online meetings and more. IceWarp’s collaborative solution also prioritizes an organization’s email security by incorporating one of the best solutions in the industry powered by CISCO Ironport to offer ATP solutions to their customers as an additional layer of security. With concerns around the safety and security of data reaching an all-time high owing to increasing security threats during the pandemic, a secure solution is vital to ensure data safety on an organizational level.

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