Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Indian Edtech Firm Mindler Launches Mega Internship Drive; Know more about Mindler Internship Program

Mindler Internship Program

Prateek Bhargava, Founder and CEO, Mindler

Leading Indian career counselling and guidance platform Mindler has announced the launch of Mindler Internship Program for Class 12 students across India and the Middle East. The firm has kept the estimation of  25,000 participation in the Mindler Internship Program and hence considers it as  the world’s largest student internship drive. According to the recent communication from the company, it offers this service to students without charging any fee. The firm expects students from over 1,000 schools in India and over 70 schools from the Middle East.


Students  participating in this programme will go through a 5-week long virtual internship that will give them the experience of interning with a fast paced growing organization. Mindler is bringing this initiative in collaboration with Afairs (one of Asia’s leading education enablers for student-university outreach) and Education World.


With the pandemic limiting opportunities for students to get exposure to build their profile and gain real life skills, the Mindler Internship Program is the perfect platform for Class 12th students to augment themselves with skills necessary to make the transition from school to college.


All students participating in this internship will get access to the Mindler Navigate mobile app which is available on both Google Play store and Apple IOS Store, as informed by the firm. Students will get access to an exciting gamified leader board which will enable them to earn badges by completing various tasks and assignments and win various prizes worth over INR 10 lakhs including Apple IPads, AirPods and Amazon Vouchers. Further, students will get offer letters, certificates of completion, letters of recommendation, and be eligible to win scholarships worth over INR 25 crores from leading Universities during their time in the Mindler Internship Program.


As part of this internship drive, students will be building a parallel Virtual Simulated Organization over the next few months, which will culminate in a massive project empowering over 2,00,000 students across the country. Under the program, the students will get to work from the comfort of their home and build skills across various domains including Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Disruptive Careers, Unconventional Careers, Time Management, Personality Mapping, Motivation, Public Speaking, and much more via Mindler master classes. This invigorating endeavour will further guide and support the young leaders who are going to be the future ‘digi-preneurs’ (Digital Marketers + Entrepreneurs).


Prateek Bhargava, Founder and CEO of Mindler, commented: “The need of the hour for Class 12th students is an experience that is both high in value and consumes less time in the crucial board exam year. Mindler pulls this off with élan, giving 12th grade students, who are at a crucial phase in their academic life, a well-balanced internship program that brings the experts to them in the comfort of their home. In a 5-week work from home program, 12th grade students will virtually rub shoulders with some of India’s foremost educators, entrepreneurs, artists, motivators and other distinguished career coaches, who have created an effective roadmap for them to accomplish their dreams.”


Mindler recently acquired Immrse, a virtual career simulation and internship platform. It also raised its Pre-Series funding round led by Ecosystem Ventures, Inflection Point Ventures, nVentures Singapore and Chennai Angels this year (2021).


This is a monumental opportunity for 12th grade students to level up their skills, gain work experience and certificates, and have a chance to look at the inner workings of an organization. Hundreds of students spoke glowingly about their experience with last year’s Mindler Internship Program, highlighting the amount they learned in classes, and increased confidence and motivation levels.


The registrations for the Mindler Internship Program are now open and the 1st batch starts on 26 December, 2021. Interested students may visit the website to learn more about it.

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