Thu. May 19th, 2022

Mindler acquires 100% stake in Immrse to  expand its portfolio of career guidance services

career guidance services

Savinay Patlolla, Vansh Nathani, Dr David M Reile, Prateek Bhargava, Eesha Bagga, Prof Dr NK Chadha & Prikshit Dhanda

  • Mindler, an ed-tech start-up focused on shaping the career guidance landscape, announces acquisition of Immrse, a virtual career internship and simulation platform to empower its users with an added solution to its existing portfolio of career discovery and planning tools

  • Immrse will be rebranded as Mindler Immrse and all team members of Immrse will join Mindler

  • With the recent fundraise and the Immrse acquisition, Mindler is poised to grow its partnerships and SaaS user base, globally


India’s leading career guidance platform for students and educators, Mindler, has announced acquisition of Immrse, a Virtual Career Internship and Simulation Platform in a Cash and Stock deal. Mindler expects to close the acquisition in about three months.

Immrse, established in 2017 by Pratham Sutaria, an alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, is a revolutionary platform which enables students to get Virtual Career Internships through an experiential, immersive and self-paced career discovery program. It is a cross between an educational course, a role-playing game, masterclasses and practical work experience. Virtual Career Internships allows students to deep dive into multiple conventional and new age careers including Engineering, Medicine, Film Making, Graphic Designing, Law, Psychology, Ethical Hacking and more. Immrse has already created an impact on over 10,000 students from class 8-12 and has collaborated with over 100 counsellors and ed-tech companies. Through this deal, Mindler will be focusing on making virtual career internships accessible to school and college students via schools/ institutions, career counsellors and ed-tech partners.

Mindler recently raised $1.5 million in a Pre-Series A funding round led by HVB 88 Angels, Ecosystem Ventures, Inflection Point Ventures, nVentures Singapore and Chennai Angels. Mindler is driving a movement to enable students to take a scientific approach towards career decision making.

Commenting on the development, Prateek Bhargava, Founder and CEO, Mindler said“We welcome team Immrse to the Mindler Family and are really excited to add this revolutionary product to our portfolio. Given the way the world of careers is being disrupted, internship and simulations are a very effective approach to empower students in taking an informed career decision. Through our pilot project we discovered that 98.7% students found the experience really useful and we are excited to jointly build many more virtual career internships in the near future.”

As per NEP 2020, students in higher education should be provided internship opportunities and over 88% of Indian youth prefer to do internships as per India Skills Report 2020. Also, students below 18 are currently unable or find it difficult to do internships. Given that it’s critical that students take well informed decisions towards their career, Virtual Career Internship is an innovative solution which enables students to take a scientific and well-established approach towards this conundrum.

“We are also stoked to tap the amazing opportunities which open up with this collaboration between Mindler and Immrse. With the progressive implementation of NEP, career guidance will become a key focal point for schools and institutions and we are building multiple innovative solutions towards empowering all our stakeholders. We are strongly positioned to deliver personalized career guidance solutions to students and aiding their overall development through integrated co-curricular solutions – a key mandate of the New Education Policy,” added Bhargava.

Along with Mindler’s existing portfolio of career discovery and planning tools which includes its revolutionary 5-dimensional career assessment, automated career activities and career planning tools and career coach led guidance for college discovery, planning and application; Immrse’s Virtual Career Internship will be a brilliant addition to create a comprehensive offering for students and all other stakeholders involved in the career planning journey of a student.

Siddharth Jain, Co-Founder HVB 88 Angels and Board of Director, Mindler, said:“We are excited with the vertical integration by Mindler’s acquisition of Immrse in the growing ed-tech sector, globally.  We expect students across grades 8-12 to take advantage of the expanded suite to get an early exposure to the varied internship opportunities offered by Mindler Immrse and enable students take an informed decision about their career choice and then are able to select colleges and universities that are best equipped to serve their goals and interests. Mindler is uniquely positioned to answer the growing demands of the student population as it works towards creating a one-stop solution desired by every class 8-12 student globally”.

Pratham Sutaria, Founder, Immrse, said: “Immrse has created a one-of-its-kind experiential product to facilitate in-depth career exploration. This product encompasses new-age career simulations that help students understand career options practically before finalizing the right career for themselves. This product was built as a solution to the career decision related problems and confusion that crores of students are facing in today’s era. We have been receiving overwhelming customer feedback and reviews from over 10,000 students who have experienced the product. Our completion rates are also significantly high compared to other self-paced ed-tech products. Joining the Mindler ecosystem will only help us accelerate the growth. There are high synergies and we look forward to growing together with Mindler.”

Post the completion of the acquisition, all schools / institutions, Mindler’s SaaS partners and parents will have access to the Virtual Career Internships and Simulations to help students who are in the process of taking the all-important career decision. Mindler shall also build and offer a wide range of practical programs to students including corporate internships and experiential masterclasses.

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