Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Zeon Lifesciences Expands in Consumer Health and Wellness Segment

Zeon Lifesciences

Launches ZeoNutra range of plant-based Immunity Booster Supplements

Zeon Lifesciences (Zeon), a leading name in the nutraceuticals segment, recently announced strategic diversification into the consumer health and wellness space. To do so, Zeon has launched a ZeoNutra range of plant-based immunity booster supplements. Some of the key products under the ZeoNutra range include General health and wellness, Men’s Health, Women’s health, Kid’s health, medical nutrition, weight management. The products will be sold via ZeoNutra and e-commerce channels such as Amazon, Flipkart, 1mg, etc across Pan India.

Notably, Covid-19 has made immunity a very critical aspect of our well-being today. At the individual level, the common denominator that drives most of the nutrition and dietary recommendations to combat viral infections, including COVID-19, lies within the link between diet and immunity. In fact, the current scenario highlights that diet has a profound effect on people’s immune systems and disease susceptibility. Many people have already recognized this fact during the pandemic and thus have started including health supplements along with their diet and exercise.


Keeping the insistence in mind, Zeon Lifesciences has decided to introduce a whole new range of plant-based products in different segments such as Immunity Booster, Daily Health, and Wellness, Vigor and Vitality, Beauty and Wellness, Bone Health and Endurance, Healthy Weight that promises “Good Health to all”.

Elaborating about the strategic decision, Mr. Suresh Garg, Managing Director, Zeon Lifesciences said, “Over the last few years, the Indian consumers have become very conscious about health and wellness. They are keen to invest in products they can trust for themselves and their loved ones. This is where ZeoNutra becomes a natural fit. It is not merely a health and wellness product range but an output of our more than three decades of experience and commitment to deliver the best the highest quality of products with an assurance of purity from source to seal.”

The company is now investing in its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to evolve as a research-driven Nutraceutical manufacturer that adds more value to its clients’. The effort has rewarded Zeon through in-licensing deals with Optibiotix, the UK, and GLN Labs, a subsidiary of IMAC/ADFAC, the U, and as out-licensing of patented ingredients develop efficacious products.


The company is ramping up its capability in peptide science and developing a functional nutrition portfolio, a unique proposition in India. Moreover, it has recently achieved the milestone of developing its first range of Phytopharma products and continues to development of products in other similar categories for different therapeutic areas. Its extensive research and development projects are inclined on specific socio-economic benefits for medical nutrition such as immunity booster, an anti-viral, respiratory, anti-cancer, a neurodegenerative disorder, osteoarthritis, kidney health, eye health, PCOS/PCOD, etc.

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