Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Book on Education Technology titled ‘ET@10’ released by IIT Bombay

Education Technology

Educational Technology has been the ‘mantra’ of learning today. Educational Technology (EdTech) is an interdisciplinary field, which requires collaboration with researchers from varied disciplines, to develop technology-enabled processes and tools towards addressing educational needs and challenges.

IIT Bombay is one of the few premier institutes in the country with a strong programme in EdTech, working its way in research, innovation, and outreach programs, since 2010, to enhance the process of teaching and learning. EdTech at IIT Bombay, which primarily started as a well-acknowledged Ph.D. program, also grew into supporting a strong M.Tech. degree program since Fall 2019. Through the quality of knowledge and exit competencies imparted to students, the program aspires to meet the needs of qualified EdTech experts in academic institutions and industry.

As the programme completed its gratified 10-year journey at IIT Bombay in the year 2020, a Book titled ‘ET@10’ has been published by the Educational Technology Programme. The book is authored by Veenita Shah, who studied the program ethnography as seen through the eyes of a newcomer. It is a unique attempt to feature the culture & practices, conducts & processes and learnings & reflections of a distinctive team that works towards achieving collective goals. Without delving into the technical concepts of EdTech, the book presents the vibrant professional lives of the team of this nascent programme at IIT Bombay.

With humorous cartoons, anecdotes, quotes and abstract diagrams, the author has tried to make it an interesting and authentic read for students, research community or anyone who wants to investigate strategies employed towards effective team building and a pragmatic approach to working. In today’s virtual world, where the idea of collaboration and teamwork seems like a distant dream, the book makes it look feasible and sustainable, connecting through its experiences with the group. Quoted as an insightful and enjoyable read, by a well-acknowledged author Srinath Perur, the book provides a set of compelling and detailed answers to some pertinent questions which are important to the enterprise of institution building.

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