Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Wipro achieves Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Application Development

Google Cloud Partner

In its recent announcement, Wipro Limited mentioned that it has achieved the Google Cloud Partner Specialization in application development.

With this partnership, Wipro has received the fourth Partner Specialization badge from Google Cloud, following recognition for outstanding cloud security, migration, and work transformation. Getting this specialization badge signifies Wipro’s capabilities across multiple areas as a Google Cloud SI partner.

As a trusted Google Cloud partner, Wipro can help customers leverage the best of Google Cloud platform as they develop and manage cloud-native business applications, enabling faster time to market, increasing scalability of applications and integrating them with external and internal systems in the IT landscape. This specialization will allow Wipro’s team of certified professionals to accelerate the customer modernization journey, increase agility and adaptability with a razor-sharp focus on business outcomes.  

Commenting on this, Ramachandran Padmanabhan, Vice President and Global Head, Cloud Transformation Business, Wipro Limited, stated:“We are proud of this recent recognition from Google Cloud, which adds to our extensive list of qualifications from our peers and partners in technology. Our unique combination of specializations in key areas like cloud security, migration, work transformation and application development will help develop innovative solutions for customers. This recognition will strengthen our credentials in application development and enable our customers to develop end-to-end digital transformation solutions on Google Cloud.”

 “It’s exciting to see Wipro continue to invest in Google Cloud skills and expertise, to differentiate its business, and bring thoughtful solutions to customers. Wipro’s specializations demonstrate its proven customer success and high levels of experience and aptitude with Google Cloud services and technology,” commented Nina Harding, Chief of Global Partner Programs and Strategy, Google Cloud. 

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