Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

The Resort weaves a magical sand art story to narrate its tale of surviving testing times and emerging stronger

magical sand art

The Resort reopens its doors to guests with a brand-new identity and fresh approach

As the first step in reimagining hospitality, The Resort has given a creative overhaul to its logo reflecting its fresh approach towards the industry. The logo has been unveiled on social media platforms through a beautiful sand art video illustrating the story of the turbulent times and the ushering in of a fresh start. The stunning sand art, that is bound to captivate viewers both visually and emotionally, tells a story that perfectly encapsulates the entire journey the world has been through during these tough times. It ends with how The Resort is ready for a fresh start to welcome people in a safe and hygienic environment with the festive season heralding in better times.


Now, emerging stronger than ever from the battle, The Resort is all set to greet patrons in a new avatar suited for the new normal. As the pandemic and ensuing lockdown created havoc in the hospitality industry across the world, The Resort too faced challenging times that tested its mettle. But the resiliency and spirit of its team could not be broken. Navigating all new business pressures, the property took on every challenge thrown at them to keep their heads above water and prepare for the next wave of normalcy.


The motive behind the revamping is to depict the renewed approach that The Resort has undertaken for its guests and how the property is going all out to ensure the right steps to create a safe place for them in the new normal.


Satyajit Kotwal, General Manager, The Resort, said: “The new identity of The Resort represents the freshness and enthusiasm with which we have bounced back post lockdown. Through the sand art video, we would like to summarize the feeling of what we have gone through during this period. With all the negativity around, people may feel wary about staying out or dining out. But we wish to give them the confidence that their safety is our number one priority. We are ready with all due measures to welcome them back.”

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