Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Niine Sanitary Napkins: Disrupting Feminine Hygiene Industry with Tech Advancements

Niine Sanitary Napkins

From ‘providing high quality affordable sanitary napkins’, to enabling users to ‘track their periods’ to ‘locating the nearest store where sanitary napkins are available’, Niine Sanitary Napkins are quickly becoming a one-stop solution for feminine hygiene needs. To beat long-standing challenges faced by customers and to build on emerging market opportunities, the made-in-India sanitary napkin brand, Niine, has adopted technology advancements to enhance consumer experience and help improve overall menstrual health.


Periods arrive once each month, but the exact date, flow, cramp severity, and accompanying symptoms change frequently and can often be a manifestation of underlying health conditions. Niine Sanitary Napkins has become the first sanitary napkin brand to launch a period tracking app, which has been developed in consultation with medical professionals. In a country where 71 per cent of women have no knowledge of menstruation before their first period, the app aims to break the stigma around menstruation discussion and make women more aware about their bodies’ functions and natural menstrual cycle. The multilingual app, that is available in 9 different languages, lets users log in from their Facebook or Gmail account, register using their email address or sign in as a guest. For first-timers, the app asks these users to input their last period’s date and how long their average period lasts. Once this is completed, the users can track their periods, mood & symptoms, get notified about their next period or ovulation or get answers to their queries through an in-app chatbot. Tracking periods can be useful for several reasons. Period tracking not only helps to get to know one’s own body and cycle but also to observe any symptoms — such as mood swings or headaches — that may occur during a particular phase of their cycle. This allows users to discover what a typical menstrual cycle for them looks like, and alerts them about any irregularities that appear in their periods over the longer term. The app offers multiple other features like calendar, step tracking, Niine’s blogs, Niine’s product purchase option, etc., which are just a tap away.


To streamline the process of making Niine Sanitary napkins accessible to its customers, the company has launched a ‘WhatsApp Store Locator’ service that enables consumers to find their preferred Niine sanitary napkins and other Niine products in the stores nearby. As the disruption in the movement of consumers due to the lockdown prevails in many parts of the country, it becomes a challenge for women in a lot of towns and cities to find medical or general stores stocking sanitary napkins. The technology solution, developed by Bizom, has been built to enable customers to find the closest store to them where Niine Sanitary Napkins would be readily available. All a customer is required to do is to save the provided number on their phone, message ‘Niine’, and send their current location after receiving a welcome message. The feature then searches the radius and map view to locate the availability of stock at stores in their geography with accessible store name, address and contact information. This microsite product ensures that customers do not have to go through the hassle of finding an essential commodity such as sanitary napkins, during such testing times.


Apart from the technology integration that eases its customers’ lives, Niine also stands out as one of the very few brands who offer free biodegradable disposable bags with products starting at Rs. 28 only. This not only ensures a safe but also a healthy and hygienic environment for all.

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