Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

’50 Roof Tile Showrooms Across India Under KPG Roofings by 2021′

KPG Roofings

Rajeel KP, Executive Director of India’s largest roof tile franchise network – KPG Roofings, announced that the company is planning to reach a milestone of 50 roof tile showrooms across India by 2021.


As per the new announcement these numbers are expected to reach 50 by 2021. The current economic conditions and critical pandemic situations could make these targets harder. But considering their pace of growth over the last years, the numbers do not sound too surprising. Even in the midst of the worsening economic conditions and the consecutive floods in Kerala and Karnataka in the last two years, KPG has managed to open 15 new showrooms in these regions. This rapid growth has been accompanied by the addition of newer products like roofing shingles, roofing rivets, adhesives and other related items.


Hailing from the family of KP Group, KPG Roofings established itself as a pioneering brand in the roofing industry within a short time. currently, KPG Roofings is the largest importers of roof tiles in India. The company have all ranges of roofing products and operates through its official showrooms only. The powerful combination of the energetic workforce and the experienced leadership of the managing director KPP Thangal is the power source that drives KPG Roofings.


Instead of marketing their products through the typical dealer-agent channels, KPG Roofings crafted its own name by hoisting exclusive roofing showrooms across south India. KPG Roofings operates in a franchise model. Each hot pockets will have a franchisee who will be the single source of operations for the said area.


The showrooms hosts products in different categories, profiles and price ranges. This allows the customer to choose any product suiting their budget. This unique system without any third-party or commission agents allows for better customer service experience at many affordable costs.


Typically, Major share of the roofing market is thorough the roofing contractors or third party agents. But, as per the 2019 reports, the lion share of the sales in the KPG showrooms comes directly without any middlemen. The company markets its products through various online and offline channels. This is the major upper hand KPG have over other roofing brands. Currently, KPG roofings is in talks with Saint Gobain to add its CertainTeed shingles also to the network’s inventory.


KPG roofings was in news recently after one of its ads under the name “Under Each Roof, there is a home” went viral in the social media circles. The video has grabbed over 10 million views through different platforms. It was well-received by the public and shared by various celebrities and was featured by several news agencies.


Currently, KPG Roofings has the largest roofing showroom network with over 28 showrooms across India. KPG has 40% market share for the imported roofing tiles, as the company claims.

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