Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Harvard Student Agencies Collaborates With Learn With Leaders to Launch Exclusive Programs for Indian High-School Students

Harvard Student Agencies

With the goal of connecting students to Harvard University student instructors, experienced faculty, and well-known thought leaders around the world, Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) has collaborated with Learn with Leaders to launch three exclusive programs for Indian high-school students (grades 9- 12).


“We are so excited to partner with Learn with Leaders to bring our courses to India,” says Austin Kwoun, Managing Director of The Academies, the academic enrichment programs organized by Harvard Student Agencies. “We’re proud to offer curricula that allow students to explore various pre-professional fields, and we hope that the students in attendance can leave the programs feeling enriched and invigorated about their professional futures.”


“This partnership will provide high school students in India an opportunity to learn from and get mentored by students at Harvard University. What is unique about these programs is that they are highly interactive and have small class size, which ensures students get individual attention. We started to Learn with Leaders with the aim to help students gain international networks that get enabled through these unique programs. Many students in India may not get the opportunity to study abroad, and our vision is to bring them the best right here in the country,” says Gunjan Aggarwal, Co-founder, Learn with Leaders.


Shubham Gupta, Co-founder, Learn with Leaders, opines: “I love working with students, and the HSA programs provide students with a great learning experience. There was no one to guide me when I turned entrepreneur; so what drives me is that I can be helpful to students in high school. At Learn with Leaders, we focus on curating exclusive learning programs spanning diverse subject areas and skills that students need in order to succeed in a dynamic environment. By exposing students to different ideas in high school we hope to foster interest in multiple domains that could lead to more informed choices in future.”

Following are the three programmes by the partnership of Harvard Student Agencies and Learn with Leaders –

Young Leaders in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program 2020: Students can learn the fundamentals of launching a new business: from idea generation, market research, and business plans and pitches to competitive analysis and fund generation.

Young Tech Leaders 2020 – Introduction to Python:  Students can learn the fundamentals of Python. Get the knowledge, guidance, and resources to understand the basic functions of code, and create their own video game in Python.

Young Future Global Leaders 2020: A program in International Relations and Global Affairs. It sparks an interest in international careers through basic learning in world affairs and diplomacy. The course is designed to help students understand and acquire knowledge of world politics and international affairs.

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