Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Former Cricketer  Jonty Rhodes Launches Ayurveda-AI Health Tech Wellness Brand “WE R Wellness”

We R Wellness
  • Facilitates unique proposition of combining India’s ancient science with modern AI technology

  • Enables smooth, non-invasive healing and recovery of sports-related injuries

  • Algorithm in-app predicts the likelihood of a heart attack in the next five years

WE R Wellness, an online ayurveda-tech wellness startup launched its operations today. Inspired by the goodness of India’s ancient Ayurveda techniques, the firm has been started by experienced Ayurveda specialist Dr Onkar Rajiv Bilgi, a seasoned business leader in the tech space Rajat Sharma and former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes, who has been earmarked to play a vital role towards the launch of the brand’s unique Sports Ayurveda program. The premise of the brand is to implement authentic Ayurveda wellness through Artificial intelligence in health technology, enabling healthy and fulfilling lives to India and beyond.


The Immunity and Sports Ayurveda programs by We R Wellness are aimed at ensuring a Healthy and Active India for the 21st century. The brand looks to pioneer itself in utilizing Ayurveda in the sports industry. This premium Ayurveda startup aims to position India as a global destination across Natural sports recovery, injury management and performance enhancement through natural means of Ayurveda. According to the ancient scripts, Ayurveda believes in ensuring that it reaches each individual who is seeking a healthy body and mind. We R Wellness aims to use this principle in its corporate and sports programs which enables successful results.


Speaking on the launch and his recent association with We R Wellness, the renowned South African, Jonty Rhodes said, “Most of us struggle to keep fitness as a priority in our lives and we struggle to keep a work-life balance and in this journey, we lost the importance of being fit and healthy. Most employees keep their occupation as their primary focus over health. Under such circumstances what corporates need to understand is that healthy employees lead to better productivity which facilitates greater growth. I am a strong believer of Ayurveda which I believe; can play a vital role to lead us towards a healthier lifestyle. In addition to this, our Sports Ayurveda program epitomizes our thought of combining technology with Ayurveda to ensure a healthy lifestyle to the sportsmen and women of India. The program focuses on how Ayurveda can help sports athletes to be fitter, stronger and enables recuperation in a safer and non-invasive manner.”


Veteran Ayurveda specialist and the Co-Founder We R Wellness Dr Onkar, said, “It’s truly a momentous day for us to launch India’s first online Ayurvedic tech wellness startup. Our main objective for launching this brand is to implement Ayurveda wellness through health-technology, enabling healthy and fulfilling lives to our fellow Indians. We have been privileged to have a phenomenal partner like Jonty onboard. He is a firm believer and follower of Ayurveda. Currently, the emphasis across the globe is to ensure optimum immunity. Our ability to utilize Ayurveda, fortifies our immunity program, thus enabling people to work and live in a safe environment.”


The brand’s ‘Wellness Immunity Program’ model is dynamic in nature and can easily be implemented across offices, manufacturing units, societies, restaurants, and spas. By placing the health devices-ECG and SPO2, BMI, weight body fats, muscles, bone mass, blood pressure can all be measured by any individual rather than by a medical practitioner or expert. This can be used as a self-conducted preventive, diagnostic or health monitoring station system at the premises itself. This data from here could then be shared with medical practitioners or doctors and hospitals. The We R Wellness monthly kit contains Ayurveda herbs for immunity, in addition to the Health devices at office premises.


Technology expert Rajat Sharma, Co-Founder We R Wellness said, “The brand believes in right health data to impart its programs and has partnered with Cover 2 protect for its mobile app. The app provides customer to achieve their health score which in turn enables them to understand how they rank basis their health. This being done, via a simple questionnaire when they first download the We R Wellness app. A unique feature in the app which uses algorithm helps in predicting the chance of a Heart attack for the next five years. This helps them to recourse our healthy lifestyle to achieve great Heart health.”


We R Wellness would conduct an online seminar on Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition where its enrolled participants will get an opportunity to download the app. On the basis of that data would they address the key health points.

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