Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

BPL Medical Technologies Supplies 11,683 Emergency Ventilators to UK Government to Fight COVID19 Pandemic

BPL Medical Technologies

Penlon as a part of a UK Industries consortium ramps up production of its Emergency ventilators to supply these units in a record time of 15 weeks

BPL Medical Technologies Private Ltd. (BPL Medical), a leading Indian medical devices company, has supplied 11683 emergency ventilators to the UK government to fight COVID 2019. The deal was facilitated via its UK ventilators subsidiary Penlon Ltd. Penlon is now making more ventilators in one day than the company used to deliver in 8 months. Production was ramped up by 100x than the usual capacity of Penlon, further underlining the success of the scaling up of the device.


Sunil Khurana, Group CEO at BPL Medical Technologies, commented: “Penlon which is a 75-year-old company in the space of Critical Care, along with other members of the consortium, has done an outstanding job in completing this project in record time. During these times, it is nothing more satisfying for a Medical Devices company to help address the current challenge of Covid19 faced by the entire humanity. Having completed this project, ESO2 which has received is CE certification is now available for export outside the UK including India. Penlon brand assures that the product is highly reliable which is very important for “Ventilator” which is a life-saving device.”


At the start of the pandemic, scientific modelling predicted that the NHS was going to run out of ventilators, so the Government launched the Ventilator Challenge UK with a call to arms to automobile, aerospace manufacturers and medical device companies in the Mid-March to step up production of existing designs and re-design from the scratch.


Guru Krishnamoorthy, CEO AT Penlon, stated: “It has been a humbling experience for Penlon to be a part of such a project of national importance. There is nothing more purposeful for a UK medical device company than rising to an occasion like this to save thousands of lives. We have been supported extremely well by the members and leaders of the Consortium companies, our suppliers, the UK Government, and other business partners. We take this opportunity to thank each one of them. We commit ourselves to do everything required and continue to provide high-quality medical devices.”

Penlon faced several challenges during the project such as sourcing large volumes of components from across different parts of the world given the lockdown implementation by several countries. Other challenges included working with several members of the consortium and aligning them on the production process. All of this was managed in record time to supply 11,683 units to the UK Government in 15 weeks.


Ventilator Challenge UK has turned out to be a huge success as Ventilator Manufacturers in the UK have ramped up their production. The Government received an overwhelming response, with over 5000 companies offering their support and over 7500 members of staff contributing to the effort.


In order to help the UK Government during the fight against COVID 2019, Penlon has been one of the main contributors that have played an important role in supporting the initiative. BPL Medical Technologies is extremely proud of the efforts put forward by all the employees at Penlon. Now, these products are available to be exported outside UK and BPL Medical Technologies through its large presence in India can sell these products to help India its fight against COVID 2019.

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