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Why Search Engine Optimisation Is More Essential Today Than Ever Before

Search Engine Optimisation

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There was a time when everyone was talking about the power of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). However, it lost its sheen in the meanwhile – if not in actuality, perception wise.


If you are a typical marketer doing simple math – ROI on Organic traffic Vs ROI on Paid traffic from your digital marketing spend. Before you battle the organic vs inorganic traffic lets go through the channels that contribute to website traffic.


  1. Google Search
  2. Social media
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Blogs / PR
  5. Direct traffic


Though Google was an undisputed king of search marketing, We had a past decade where we have spent billions of dollars across all social channels to create content, distribute and engage with customers. But by some point, the popular and largest social media channels began their monetization which eventually reduced their organic reach and increased the reach only when you showed them some dollars. Welcome to the perpetual world of Paid social media. ROI and Stickiness you ask? They don’t exist here anymore.


So how do marketers now decide upon strategy and budget split between organic and inorganic traffic?


Primarily if you believe in steady and sustainable growth, compliment timely Social Media bursts with well-planned, robust Search engine Optimization marathon whose longevity extends beyond just a couple of months.


One of the biggest predicaments that brands are now facing is shrinkage in organic impressions. It is true that search engines also employ Social Media Optimisation (SMO), but never has SMO gotten precedence over Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Social media sites have, for quite some time, been pushing their agenda for greater profits by gradually killing the impact of organic SMO. This has made brands scramble to make themselves more visible and engage with followers and people of interest. Instead of vying for global attention, where the competition is greater and more diffused, they have moved to hyper-targeting.


While huddling through this scenario is feasible for brands of a certain calibre, what happens when a fledgeling company tries to make headway into social media? The fact that visibility and reach are now determined by the level of engagement, this also means that new ventures will get little or no mileage, even if they optimize their content, leaving them with no option but to abandon their efforts to improve ROI and focus onto using paid ads to push their content to viewers.


This is why it makes far more sense right now to spend their energy and resources on SEO. Enterprises SEO services for brands, by nature, is the polar opposite of SMO. The difference you ask? SMO, in principle, pushes content into people’s feed. On the other hand, SEO works by optimizing content in such a way that when users look for products, services, or content, the results in closest relevance, factored in through multiple parameters, are presented to the user. And it is absolutely free!


Search Engine Optimisation becomes marketers favourite again

Search Engine Optimization has become the market’s favourite platform again. It is true that organic searches drive more than 50 per cent of all website traffic, while organic social traffic is a fraction. 90% of B2B businesses, witness almost nil or less than 5% of its overall organic traffic contributed by social media.


Despite this fact, in the last decade, many brands were heeding importance to social media marketing over their organic ranking and their search engine content strategy. The ongoing affair now has reinstated that Search Engine Optimization has always been the undisputed King of organic marketing.


Search Engine Optimization is undoubtedly the best way to get the products and services of a brand noticed. However, today the digital marketing services network and social media marketing agency ecosystem across the globe is overpopulated with digital marketing agencies and freelancers.


The best way to avoid cookie-cutter agencies or SEO brands incompetent of ranking themselves is to reach out to digital marketing agency in Bangalore or elsewhere, who are proven and rank indefinitely well on their own for competitive keywords of services they offer.

Most of the Indian marketers today are dependent on singular digital agencies that claim to offer 360-degree digital marketing solutions. Increasingly, CEO’s and CFO’s are unearthing ROI questions on marketing spends that trigger the choice of service providers.


How can one expect a strong creative led advertising agency to offer advanced level SEO services that need data, analytics and algorithm understanding competencies? These concerns are applicable to even some of the largest creative networks and agencies in the country, upon whom enterprises rely for their web assets organic traffic.


An alternative approach to single agency dependency, are niche SEO companies that have always provided the best search engine optimization strategy and services possible. The companies who drive their SEO solutions through deep research and learning, always get brands a better outcome despite the volatile algorithms.


These companies have an adequate and deep understanding of how search engines behave and take responsible measures to maximize ROI for marketers.


SEO is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Organic traffic is far more valuable than paid traffic in every sense.


With inputs from Brandstory, a  leading digital marketing company in Bangalore.

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