Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

SHARP provides air purifiers to hospitals in major Indian cities

Air Purifiers

SHARP Air Purifier in Civil Surgeon Hospital

Presently, providing protection and ensuring the safety of the medical professionals; the doctors and nurses that treat us is our utmost priority. Hence it is very crucial for all the healthcare facilities to have a germ free environment and this is where air purifiers come in handy.


Purifiers play a pivotal role in identifying and eliminating harmful bacteria, fungus, or other pollutants that can put the medical staff at risk of unwanted hazardous infections. SHARP, a brand known for its state of art air purifiers has come up with a series of cutting-edge air purifiers to combat deadly infections for the hospitals and medical facilities treating the patients. These air purifiers are categorically designed to address the requirement of doctors and other medical professionals and even the general visitors who are also at a risk to pick up infections.


SHARP Air Purifiers are of industrial-grade with robust mechanical filtration effective for environmental purification and are designed with high CADR, for frequent air changes and making the indoor air fresh and infection-free. Based on the revolutionary & Patented “Plasmacluster Technology”, this advanced air purification technology generates positive and negative ions to deactivate various commonly found Pathogens.


Recently, IIT Delhi has published their latest research about SHARP air purifiers and Plasmacluster Technology which revealed that it can effectively remove 3 types of PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) – Fluoranthene (91.1%),  Chrysene (62.1%), and Dibenzo (a, h) Anthracene (94.6% ) which are known to be extremely cariogenic in nature.


This initiative by SHARP helps hospitals in neutralizing any threat from these harmful airborne microbes and viruses. With the best-in-class Grade 14HEPA filters, these air purifiers capture the smallest of dust particles and deactivate harmful microbes. This also helps in maintaining ideal indoor humidity levels, thereby preventing the formation of mold in your medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics, IVF Centres, Testing Laboratories, etc.


Also, SHARP has provided air purifiers units to premier hospitals that are instrumental in fighting coronavirus. These include Safdarjung Hospital, Civil Hospitals Gurugram and Panchkula, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Rainbow Children Hospital, Hyderabad and Asian Institute of

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