Sat. May 30th, 2020

Blogging is becoming the new ‘IT’ for some Indian millennials; Know how


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India is becoming a gig economy more than ever before. The Coronavirus pandemic has badly hit the job market. At a time like this, many Indian millennials are exploring self-employment options. Blogging is one of those lucrative options.


What once was a favorite pass time for writers and casual scribblers has now become a full-time profession. In fact, blogging is now considered as one of the fastest-growing career prospects in the world.  Many top bloggers making even more than what the best of traditional jobs promise. Did you know there are more than 300 million blogs today?


Blogging in India

In recent times, the trend has shifted from north to south, with India dominating the list as one of the top contributors in the global blogging industry. More and more people are starting their own personal websites in the hope to make big riches. While it was hotel management a few years back, the new career shift for the young millennials is now blogging. And a wide range of factors has come into play here.


The rags to riches stories of some of the top Indian bloggers like Harsh Agarwal of Shout Me Loud and Amit Agarwal of Labnol has romanticized the idea of blogging for many Indians. To that, a crowd of thought leaders and market experts have emerged on the scene offering DIY tools, techniques, and of course, “hacks” that have made blogging relatively easier.


The idea is quite simple: You start a blog, market it, and earn. Add to it the free blogging platforms and plenty of revenue-generating avenues—even those who have trouble writing are taking up the learning process to make blogging the least of passive earning resources for themselves. However, not everything is as fairytalesque as on display.


The fallacies about blogging

The biggest misconception about blogging is that it’s easy. The process is indeed simple—but nowhere near easy. Not only does it take a lot of hard work but also a great deal of patience and consistency. As appealing as the idea of viral content is, it isn’t feasible for all. (2 million blog posts are written every day; how many of them get viral?) From creating a nice platform to building an audience to actually converting this audience base into a rewarding-being—the path is long and bumpy for bloggers.


Another fallacy in this industry is that blogging is a quick-money-scheme. If done perfectly, the path to riches is rather small. But that only happens with individuals with master plans and exceptional products. Even the top bloggers had to spend years and even decades to now make $100,000 every month.


The Bright Future

No doubt, in India, blogging is still at its primitive stage, with competition at initial stages in many niches. And as it matures, the misconceptions would eventually fade. As of right now, if the market pundits are to be believed, days look brighter for Indian bloggers. Ample of opportunities stack on the way ahead with new ways spurting on the scene to generate more revenue (like beating PPC and Affiliate Marketing, sponsored contents has become top money-making avenue today).


So yes, blogging has become the new ‘it’ in India in some cases. But not just for the millennials but beyond. And its popularity is only expected to surge higher in the coming days.

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