Sat. May 30th, 2020

Become a Charted Data Scientist with Association of Data Scientists’ new programme

charted data scientist

Association of Data Scientists, a premier global professional body of data science & machine learning professionals, announced the launch of its exclusive programme called Chartered Data Scientist (CDS) programme.


With data science and the AI industry becoming highly competitive, it has become the need of the hour to stand out from the crowd.

The CDS™ program has been launched with an assurance that it will provide the highest distinction to professionals in the data science domain, making them more equipped in the

The completion of this program ensures that the candidate has a strong understanding of the advanced data science profession and in-depth understanding of applied analytics skills.

Attaining the title means that candidate has the mastery of the skills and knowledge needed to help organisations succeed in today’s rapidly changing global landscape.

The CDS programme, which sets a global standard for data science, has been developed by the world’s leading data science practitioners. Besides,  distinguished professionals and academicians of diverse backgrounds  have contributed to the curriculum of Charted Data Scientist


This is what earning  CDS title mean:

  • The required experience and that the candidate is skilled enough to master complex real-world challenges
  • Specialised knowledge and understanding of the data science tools and techniques
  • The CDS™ program is a self-study program culminating in an exam.
  • The exam can be taken from the home on any day which includes a rigorous multiple-choice exam with 150 questions to be attempted without negative marking in 3 hours.
  • Passing the exam is one step to becoming a CDS charter holder.


Other important points to note:

  • CDS certification is awarded only after the candidate has also demonstrated two years of relevant work experience in data science. T
  • One can accrue the work experience during or after participation in the CDS programme.
  • Professionals who are looking to broaden their knowledge in the field of data science and are keen on being apprised to the latest trends in data science can apply for this programme
  • Those looking for a career change into the data science domain, and even students with an interest in data science should also consider to pursue this programme
  • The CDS curriculum can complement their prior coursework or help them develop a foundation of specialized knowledge that goes beyond their academic curriculum.


Apart from the strong skill set that it provides, ethics is the foundation of CDS programme. Being a CDS means that the candidate is required to follow the guidelines and ethical standards set as a benchmark for data scientists.


For the unintended,  As a Charted Data Scientist, candidates should follow code and standards set by the committee. The guidelines and ethics for Chartered Data Scientists abide by duties to their own profession, employer, clients, industry, and due as a CDS charter.

To register for the programme, one should visit the website:

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