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9 Tips to Happily Travel Around The World When You Have Children

9 Tips to Happily Travel Around The World When You Have Children

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For most parents, their lives revolve around their children. They often happily compromise on their own needs and wishes, be it hitting outdoors with the squad on the weekends or traveling around the world. But it doesn’t have to be this—not at least with the latter one. Even after having babies you don’t have to give up on your dreams of hitting the road and exploring new cities. Sure it would be a challenge to deal with all the responsibilities of raising kids when traveling. But if you know how to manage, you can conveniently balance the two worlds and enjoy new experiences seamlessly.


Here are 9 pro tips to travel around the world with your children

  1. Go slow—and continue going slow

Don’t change cities and accommodations every other week or month. Learn to travel slow; more so if you’re planning to do this for years. Changing the surroundings too often too quick can get too chaotic for your entire family. Stay at one place for long, soak in the culture and fully enjoy yourself with the babies.

  1. Take turns to take care of the babies

Parenting is a responsibility that should be shared equally among mum and dad. So make a prior arrangement and distribute this responsibility equally. Set a routine of who will do what and when will you and your partner will stay with the babies.

  1. Become a teacher

When on the road, the biggest challenge for you would the education of your kids. If you’re staying at places long enough, enroll these little ones in nurseries. If that’s not possible, become a teacher yourself and teach your kids regularly.

  1. Don’t underestimate the expense

Instead of playing the edges, avoid underestimating the traveling expense. You have babies with you. The need for more money can double anytime. So have right amount of cash in hand and savings in bank account to meet the uncertainties and emergencies sufficiently.

  1. Don’t take risks—even the necessary ones

Don’t hit countries that are at risk of terrorism, are suffering from some kind of disease and are going through internal struggles. Regardless how assuring and promising they look, avoid these places.

    6. Make everyone’s health your topmost priority

Your family and your own health must be of utmost concern. Make sure everyone is in the top-notch health. Eat right, exercise when possible and be very careful of the cleanliness and sanitation; keep bugs at bay. You don’t want anyone fall sick when traveling.

  1. Always pack Baby care and safety products

Babies have their own needs—make sure you pack these care and safety essentials. Carry their medicines all the time, have child locator, pull-ups, baby wipes, autoclaves and more as required.

  1. Avoid all the bookings, passport and visa problems

Make sure to keep everything as convenient as possible with the earliest of planning. Book hotels, flights and trains well in advance; have all the clearance at the ready. The more detail-oriented you are the better will it be for the babies and yourself.

  1. Understand that you have a family now

You aren’t a single-carefree soul anymore who can act on instincts, be spontaneous and seek thrills by taking risks. You’re now a parent with people depending on you. Understand this fact and act responsibly. Factor your own, as well as others’ needs and preferences, when planning for new journeys.

These are 9 simple tips to help you travel – happily – with your kids. Continue being a free-bird, experience new experiences and face challenges of being a parent like a complete pro.

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