Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

When Road Rage Becomes So Critical


When you search information on road wrath in India, it’s no wonder that one or two mis happenings are being reported almost on a regular basis. And most of them are linked to ruthless conflicts resulting in deaths. To alert people against this intensifying fear of road rage, the first episode of the new web-series titled That Good Ugly Day, featuring Ajay Rajpal, has been released digitally to showcase as how Road Rage is a Menace.

The first episode of the series states a story of Abir Singhaniya, played by Ajay, who gets into a fight after hitting a vehicle. However, what follows next is a turn in the story that disseminates an influential message.

We wanted to kick off the series with a subject as hard-hitting as road rage. It has almost become an epidemic,” says Ajay Rajpal, actor and producer of the series.

He further added that, “While we were discussing ideas, a friend told me how the attitude of people differs in India and abroad. In London, the first thing that people check after an accident is if you are safe. However, in India, we immediately get into a brawl, thanks to our ‘Tu Jaanta Nahi Mai Kaun Hun’ attitude.”

“There is an urgent need is to spread road safety awareness across India and an initiative like this will help disseminating the key message to people,” he says, adding that the movie settles with a voice over from AK Singh, Inspector with Delhi Traffic Police.

Road rage is a menace. Uncaring driving, chaotic traffic and the day-to-day anxieties can transmute trivial frustrations into hazardous road rage. With the first episode of the web series, this has been ensured that how significant the road safety is, and the need of the hour is to get liberation from this epidemic.

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