Hear is ‘That Good Ugly Day’ to enable you telling your stories through webseries

Ajay Rajpal

A soon to be launched web series ‘That Good Ugly Day’ is not going to be a regular web series in terms of endorsing origination and cherishing talent. With an intention to produce and showcase shocking incidents with zero fiction plotting, Ajay Rajpal – model, fashion entrepreneur, actor and producer is thriving the concept of ‘Citizen Series’. He is leaving no stone unturned to launch and lead this all-new web series. Ajay’s web series will give aspiring artists from different walks of life to talk about the earth-shattering incidents of their lives. The concept speaks about the various outbreaks of life that often turns a good day into bad when something unusual, unexpected and unwanted happens all the sudden, and how it becomes a turning point for the rest of our life. With all real-life twists and turns, this is going to be a series full of thrills and newness – stories which are never heard or never seen. And, at times bad day turns into good that changes the meaning of life and we feel most wanted wannabe loving person.

Ajay Rajpal said, “Web series are budding by leaps and bounds. Originality is the need of the hour. With ‘That Good Ugly Day’, we have a freedom to launch the story one always wanted to tell with authenticity. We will even be working with expats from other nationalities working and living in India. We aim to enhance the human voice and dreams.” He believes in innovation and therefore invites the public to share their real life turning point incidents that deserves to be in ‘that good ugly day’ platform.

‘That Good Ugly Day’ casts 90% fresh talent in the various stages of production and this fresh talent does not belong to media & entertainment industry. The series will be made available and pitched to popular channel hubs such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, ALT Balaji, Sony Liv, Zee and other social media platforms like YouTube, Hotstar, and Facebook.

This is how the concept of ‘Citizen Series’ by Ajay Rajpal offers you to be a part of writing and producing a web series to validate your video production dreams and share your stories with the world!

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