Mon. May 25th, 2020

7 Professional Mantras You Should Follow To Make Yourself Nearly Indispensable at Workplace

 Who doesn’t wants to get the very top of their career ladder! You want more recognition from your colleagues, higher salary, and more credibility to your presence. But before that, you indispensable at workplace. 

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 Who doesn’t wants to get the very top of their career ladder! You want more recognition from your colleagues, higher salary, and more credibility to your presence. But before that, you have to make yourself indispensable at workplace.

Sadly, we live in the real-world and such wishes don’t always come true. Because very few can commit to the habits and regimen of becoming a dream employee.

However, things aren’t really that tough. You don’t need luck, miraculous efforts, and years of work to become the best employee in your company. All you need to do is burst that comfort bubble, act proactively, and do what needs to be done.

You can achieve that!

Here’s how you can turn yourself into almost an indispensable employee in just 10 months:


 Develop an excellent interpersonal skill

No matter how technically competent you are, you will not be noticed if you cannot communicate. So polish up your interpersonal skills. Always be confident, develop critical thinking ability, be a problem solver, set examples of being a team player, listen to others, communicate even with your expressions and learn to take criticisms as building blocks.


 Know what goals your bosses are aiming at

You have your own professional goals. However, when looking to climb to the top of the ladder in your company, you must prioritize the goals of your bosses and management at the top. So know what these people in the top echelons want to achieve. And then work accordingly to help them get there without losing the scope of where you want to reach.


Always put your opinions strongly

You will always be where you are right now unless you make attempts to make a distinction between you and the crowd. Have an individual personality among your colleagues. Have your own way of thinking and generating ideas. And always put your opinions strongly, if it means going against the popular choice. People around will start respecting you for taking a strong stand.


Understand that deadlines end much early

No, the deadline for that important project isn’t 7 days from now. It ends in 6 days. This is something you must understand very soon. Meeting the deadlines is good. But delivering even before the final date or hour is the best that will build your credibility in the office that you have always wished for.


Deliver more than you talk

People don’t care what you say—they want to know what you did or do. So your words mean nothing if you aren’t following what you’re saying. As cliché as it may sound, you’ve got two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen more than you talk. And whenever you talk, make sure you’re also delivering on those words.


Ace your social media game

Very few people realize, but how strong is your social media game does affect your reputation and overall standing at the office. Think of it yourself—if you have thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, do you think you will be treated the same way if you have no followers? Today, networking is everything. The more people you know, the better the social reputation you will have, and this will positively affect your personal and professional life.


Smile (and smile some more)

The easiest way to be likable around in your office is to smile. It gives you a positive personality. And everyone starts loving and respecting you. So smile—even when the chips are down.

So take a step right away. Try to move out of your comfort zone. But the end reward makes all the efforts very well worth it.


Photo courtesy: Pexels

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