Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Portronics introduces slim 16000 mAh power-bank

Innovative and portable digital product maker Portronics has launched high-capacity power banks – Power note, to its already strong line up of reliable and high performance power-bank products. As per the company’s claim, Power note is the world’s slimmest 16000 mAh power bank in the market today.  It also has a great combination of Sleek Notebook looks with LCD display demonstrating power status and an ultra-light weight design which can easily fit into your laptop bag or hand bag. With its powerful in-built Lithium-Polymer cells, Power note gives you complete freedom to be truly mobile for longer duration with your iPhones, iPads, iPods, android phones, digital cameras, speakers, other digital devices etc. One does not have to worry about compatibility with smart phones/tabs as Power note works well with all of them. Many portable power banks provide actual capacity which is far low than their stated capacity. This is where Powernote fills the gap. Its unique design ensures that you will get maximum actual capacity.
Features which make it special:
  • Its slim and lightweight notebook shape can suitably fit into your laptop bag or hand bags.
  • It can charge iPhone 6s eight times or Galaxy S6 more than five times on a single recharge.
  • It has dual USB outputs – 1 A and 2.1A, LCD battery status display and an on/off switch.
Price and Availability:
Portronics’ Powernote is available at INR 3299/-. Information regarding the availability and other details can be found from the company’s  website.

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