Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

FICCI business delegation visits Japan to boost India-Japan collaboration in Skill Development and Vocational Studies

A business delegation from The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) – led by Mohan Das Pai, Chairman, FICCI Skill Development Committee – is on a 5-day tour to Japan to explore possible ties between the India and Japan. Members of the delegation include key persons of various skill development companies and allied Industries. This is the first ever business delegation on skill development from India touring in Japan on the backdrop of the larger mutual interest guided by the Prime Ministers of both nations.
Some of the potential areas for collaboration between India and Japan include: developing transnational skills standards, identifying proper certification methods/modes, sharing of best practices on industry engagement, technology application and quality control pertaining to manufacturing, capacity building of trainers and skill Infrastructure, establishment of Centre of Excellence in budding sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, electronics, among others.
“We are sure that Japan’s participation in Skill India Mission will encourage the bilateral initiative and add value to the partnership between two important economies”, said Mohan Das Pai, Chairman FICCI Skill Development Committee.
“We are excited about collaboration and partnership opportunity with Japan particularly on vocational education and skills development”, shared Shobha Mishra Ghosh, Senior Director, FICCI.
The delegation intends to visit places like KOSEN model of skill training, vocational high school, polytechnic colleges, and interact with officials of JAVADA, Ministry of Health & Labour Welfare, HIDA, Ministry of Education and other vocational & skill service providers from industry.
Many Asian countries lack adequate infrastructure and skilled human resources but have large human resource and the potential for rapid growth. A consolidated regional approach will work best to meet the rising demands of manufacturing, infrastructure, services and human resources. A model for partnership between Japan and India can be developed for Asia, in which Japan can lead in terms of technology and capital, and India can lead from the global human resources end. This could be a winning recipe for a better future of Asia.
This, in fact, will be an underlying theme in the recent bilateral dialogues between the two prime ministers. For the first time, FICCI has partnered with the Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) in India on Skills Training and organized management training program for leadership and leaders. This programme was organised by All India Organisation of Employers’ (AIOE), an allied body of FICCI.
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