Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Wipro open sources big data product, Big Data Ready Enterprise


Wipro Limited recently announced that it has open-sourced its big data product, Big Data Ready Enterprise (BDRE), which makes big data technology adoption simpler and faster by optimizing big data workloads under an integrated structure.


The product addresses the complete lifecycle of managing data across enterprise data lakes, making it possible to ingest, organize, enrich, process, analyze, govern and extract data at a fast pace, significantly accelerating the big data implementation in a cost-effective manner. BDRE is in production with multiple clients and has over 100+ opportunities across numerous verticals. BDRE is released under the Apache Public License v2.0 and hosted on GitHub.


As per the Gartner Report, Benefits and Compromises of OpenSource and Corporate Software Suites for Advanced Analytics, written by Alan D. Duncan et al, published on 8 June 2015, ‘Ever since the Apache Hadoop software framework first emerged in 2005, the open-source software community has been a driver of innovation in the area of advanced analytics and distributed data computing.’


Herb Cunitz, President, Hortonworks, stated: “Hortonworks believes that the greatest innovation happens through collaboration in the open-source community. We are glad to hear that Wipro has open-sourced its big data & analytics product BDRE and taken a stride in contributing to the open-source community. This step will help us further strengthen our relationship and reinforces our belief in open source technology for the enterprise.”


“Wipro takes pride in being a significant contributor to the open-source community, and the release of BDRE reinforces our commitment towards this ecosystem. BDRE will not only make big data technology adoption simpler and effective, but it will also open opportunities across industry verticals that organizations can successfully leverage. Being at the forefront of innovation in big data, we are able to guide organizations that seek to benefit from the strategic, financial, organizational, and technological benefits of adopting open source technologies,” said Bhanumurthy B. M., President & Chief Operating Officer, Wipro Limited.


Open source software consumption is on the rise. According to The Open Source Era study, commissioned by Wipro, 64% of respondents of Oxford Economics research believe that open source will drive big data efforts in the next three years. Releasing BDRE to the community will enable product growth in terms of new features and capabilities and also help many organizations with big data implementations. Open-sourcing BDRE encourages collaborative development by accepting contributions from both individuals and organizations and reduces the time to develop the operational framework, leading to faster innovation.


Wipro is also supporting the Hadoop Summit San Jose 2016 and will be participating in the ‘Modern Data Architecture’ track by community choice voting.

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