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CII to facilitate 1,000 GreenCo rated companies by 2020


Green makes good business sense


The Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) recently organised GreenCo Summit 2016. Nitin Desai, Member, Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change, delivered the inaugural address at the occasion.


According to Mr. Desai, competitiveness is encouraging companies to take action and in the process enabling them to stay ahead of the environmental compliance curve. He added that essentially companies that lead, have the ability to foresee the future instead of reacting to regulatory requirements.


 Jamshyd N Godrej, Chairman, CII Godrej GBC, stated that there is no divergence between environment and economic development. Companies should be open and more transparent on their environmental process to their stakeholders and their green policies, he added. CII aims to facilitate 1,000 GreenCo rated companies by 2020, Mr. Godrej informed.


Shobana Kamineni, President Designate, CII noted that, increasingly, discussions on the need & importance of environmental management is spanning across various strata & age groups of the society. She highlighted how Indian companies have been working on many climate change mitigation activities, noting that the energy intensity of the country has reduced by 12% during 1990-2013.


Pradeep Bhargava, Chairman, GreenCo Summit 2016, called on the need to not just consider payback but also think of “pay front” and work towards becoming green and enable reductions in the price of environmentally friendly products. He informed that the CII GreenCo rating system is evoking an excellent response.


Apparently, over 200 companies are working on the rating including 78 GreenCo rated companies. Each GreenCo rated company saves about Rs 2 Cr per year. Out of the 30 companies who were awarded GreenCo rating at the inaugural session, 3 companies were from the SME sector.


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