Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

LetsService: A start-up making the lives of urban bikers easier

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Sachin Shenoy had no clue that while struggling to set up his own venture (to give shape to an idea), he would end up discovering another interesting idea and would move on in life. And the idea was to make the lives of urban bikers easier. Like any other middle class struggling youth in a metro, Sachin Sachin’s life was too hectic yet again as he was running by his two-wheeler from offices to offices and persons to persons in order to actualize his dream. He would rarely get time to take care of his own bike. The mere weekends he would get were full of other necessary chores. As a result of this, the small problem that occurred in the bike grew bigger. One fine day, while out for an important meeting, his bike suddenly breaks down in the middle of traffic. Eventually, he pays a grand bill of approximately Rs 10,000/- along with surmounting tiredness, loss of time, and tension. Here comes the idea of setting up of LetsService.

Urban bikers, mostly Busy professionals, often neglect small problems of their bikes and procrastinate due to other priorities. LetsService offers one of the easiest and hassle-free experiences to busy working motorcyclists by enabling them to get their two-wheelers serviced whilst occupied in the office – juggling between meetings and tight deadlines. The professionals may relax at home during weekends after hectic weekdays.

Sachin Shenoy has two more partners to move together towards this mutual entrepreneurial journey – Girish Gangadhar and Sachin Radder. Both of them have long experience of working with top MNCs. All of them have a shared vision of providing unparalleled after-sale service and care for two-wheelers in developing countries. On top of that, they have understood well the problems of urban bikers.

The company is now growing at a steady rate of 50% MoM and has already serviced more than 8000+ customers along with solid brand/OEM level partnerships with 3 of India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturers.


Modus Operandi of LetsService

  • Download the Let’s Service App from the Google Play Store
  • Select your bike pickup location
  • The bike runner visits your location, fills up a job card and takes your bike away
  • Gets the bike serviced at an authorized service center and delivers it back to your doorstep
  • You make the payment online or by cash.


Though Sachin Shenoy, who is also the CEO of the company, didn’t want to share the financial figures of LetsService with us, it appears that the company is on the good growth momentum. In the meanwhile, the company has expanded its business operation to two more big cities – Mumbai and Pune. Adding to this success, LetsService was chosen as a preferred partner for ‘on-demand bike services’ by QuikrServices, recently. And they are running the show with just 12 business personnel. Who knows if tomorrow this start-up will spread its business across the nation and would become one among big names like Filpkart, Olx, or Ola!


‘Man proposes and God disposes’ has a different connotation here and it favored Sachin Shenoy. He couldn’t do what he had wanted to and in the process of achieving the goal, he achieved something else which is well-compensatory.

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