How to engage in Broadband Policy and Regulatory Processes?

LIRNEasia & Bharti School of Telecommunications Technology and Management shall conduct a four day workshop-cum-course on “How to engage in Broadband policy and regulatory processes” at IIT Delhi, starting from 19th August 2016.

The objective of this four-­‐day residential course is to produce discerning and knowledgeable consumers of research who are able to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes. The curriculum of this course has been designed to help the participants to be able to find and assess relevant research & evidence, to be able to summarize the research in a coherent and comprehensive manner, to have an understanding of broadband policy and regulatory processes in India, to have the necessary tools to improve their communication skills

The organisers will be selecting 20-­‐25 participants (including junior – mid level officers of government and regulatory agencies, university students, lecturers, academics, media personnel and other civil society officers working in related fields) to participate in the course. We hope to have a diverse group  of  participants  in  both  experience  and  discipline  as  this would enrich the discussion and give different perspectives of the issues related to the broadband.


Fill the Application Forms are available and should be submitted online only. The submission deadline is 20 June 2016, Monday, 1700 Hrs. Notification of selection shall be emailed on or before 30th June 2016.


  1. Content of application
  2. Evidence of interest in, and commitment to, policy-­‐relevant research
  3. Gender, discipline, relevant experience and regional representation to ensure diversity

.Interested candidates may address their queries to Ms. Laleema Senanayake, Junior Researcher, and Dr. P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan, Associate Professor,

There is no registration fee for the course. Participants shall receive support for travel (lowest-­‐cost airfare to and from New Delhi; local travel, if applicable) along with accommodation and meals for the duration of the course.

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