Shatrughan Sinha kicks-off a video campaign urging consumers not to stay ‘Khamosh’ to illicit trade

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Amidst the festival season this year, veteran actor and Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, Mr Shatrughan Sinha joins hands with FICCI CASCADE (Committee Against Smuggling and Counterfeiting Activities Destroying the Economy) for an awareness campaign against illicit trade. Towards this, he has released a video message to create responsiveness amongst the Indian citizens to say

‘NO’ to counterfeit products.

Supporting the generous cause, Mr Sinha released a video jingle ‘Shapath’ (Oath) where he pledges consumers to be genuine and buy genuine products. This jingle is released emphasizing on the need to stop buying counterfeit, smuggled and pirated goods and build mass awareness on eradicating this menace. The video stars Mr Sinha reciting a poem in Hindi where he deeply touches on the importance of protecting original brands and raise voice against smuggled and counterfeit products. In the video, Mr Sinha is urging consumers not to stay quiet and to take a step towards stopping piracy by asking for original products and bills for every purchase done by them.

Moreover, this initiative will not only boost Indian economy but will also create a sustainable socio-cultural ecosystem in the country. The video reminds consumers that on every purchase of a fake product, somehow, they are indirectly encouraging illicit trade which is against the Indian Government law. This act of theirs can also increase the crime rate in India. The video concludes with Mr. Sinha urging consumers to join hands and stand up against illicit trade and ‘Say NO to Counterfeited, Smuggled or Pirated Goods’.