Are you a travel buff with tight budget? No problem, you can still travel extensively. Here is how


If only I had the money, I would travel the world”—sounds familiar?

Everyone wants to travel but the majority fall short bringing this dream into reality. Why? Because they don’t have the needed money.

How legit is this reason? Cannot venturing the new and exciting paths be justified just because one doesn’t have the wealth? Are you okay letting your financial constraints stop you from experiencing possibly the best things ever?

Understand (and accept) ‘I don’t have the money’ fallacy

You don’t need to be rich to travel. In fact, Nomadic Matt – one of the top travelers in the world – says, “I think being broke is the best reason to start traveling.”

“You have to be able to rough it if you’re broke but if travel is your goal you WILL find a way to make it happen,” says Rachel Jones of Hippie in Heels.

You’ll never have sufficient amount in your bank to fulfill your dreams. It’s not money but rather a courage and strong will that you need to burst your comfort bubble and make some needed changes in your life.

Of course, that doesn’t mean your move shouldn’t be well financially planned and that you shouldn’t care about how you can afford food, accommodation, and other expenses when on road.

There will be plenty of challenges. But don’t let them change your dreams. Like someone has rightly said, if there’s a challenge ahead, change your plans not dreams.

Do you want to travel the world? But you don’t have enough money?

Relax!!! Here are 6 smart tips to help you travel every year even when you’re broke-

It doesn’t have to be month-long extravagant

Travelling isn’t about enjoying extravagance; it’s about enjoying any and every experience. So simmer down your expectations. The journey doesn’t have to be lavish and months-long. Don’t expect yourself accommodated in 7-stars hotel, brunching in big restaurants and skydiving every other day.

Keep some emergency money aside

Before you start, always have some emergency money at ready for the “what-if” moments. Now don’t run to this amount every time things don’t work out. Cash it only when there’s some big problem and you’re out of ideas.

Find affordable accommodations

There are countless websites out there to help you find the right, short-term accommodation facilities. If the hotels are cheap (which is quite unlikely), go for them. If not, look through Airbnb and Couch surfing to stay at locals’ homes. If you find nothing good there (which isn’t possible), hostels are your best options. Check and find yourself a nice place which you will likely be sharing with other travelers.

What’s your food expense

Health is your best asset when on road. So you want to take its good care. Calculate your food expense. Cut back on fast foods and add healthy cuisines. Now see how much the amount comes up to for every month.

Decide how you’re going to earn

You have skills. Put them into use to make you money. You can teach, work on a farm, be a bartender, serve foods in restaurants. There are countless such jobs that can pay you more than what are your expenses. Look online. If still confused, you can always check what jobs other travelers are doing.

Be smart with transportation cost

Pack lightly and avoid checked luggage fees on flights. Save up frequent flyer miles. Look around for the cheapest flying deals. Take trains and public buses when possible. Walk instead of going for autos and taxis. Also, you can even rent bicycles to keep things cheap but more fun.

There are plenty more tips. But none will work if you aren’t willing to. You must act strategically. Plan everything smartly, right from where you want to travel and how you’re going to go there to how you’re going to earn and how you will afford the food. Think things through and take a step.

Remember, it’s never about money that you aren’t traveling every month and year. It’s your fear to leave that comfort zone. Burst that bubble and start experiencing things that you only believe exist in fantasies.