It’s all about diversity at Sailesh J Mehta School of Management in students’ profile this time

Sailesh J Mehta School

The 2017-19 batch breaks the typical perception about management students’ background in terms of gender, academic discipline and experience

The new batch for Master of Management program unfolds a new chapter at Shailesh J Mehta School of Management (SJMSOM), IIT Bombay. The campus beholds keen faces brimming with enthusiasm of a 114-strong batch coming from a diverse profile.

While the batch size has increased by 6 per cent over previous year, the Class of 2019 promises a healthy diversity in gender, academic disciplines and individual profiles of students. The number of female candidates for the academic year 2017-19 batch has set a record figure of 53 – constituting 46 per cent of the total student strength.  This year’s female student percentage at SJMSOM for Master of Management program is the highest ever since the programme has been launched.

The academic disciplines for the incoming batch exhibits diversity of engineers, non-engineers and post-graduate candidates too. With a fine blend of students from IITs, NITs and BITs as well as reputed state-level colleges, with consistent past academic performance records, the incoming batch rolls out yet another exciting episode.

Transcending academics, the prospective candidates of Class of 2019 are passionate in cultural activities with some students having state-level credentials in classical dance forms. Not only this, the 2017-19 batch boasts a competitive spirit in the diverse avenues of sports as well; there are students from gymnast to skate-roller at the state-level.

Faculty Co-ordinator of Admissions Prof. Atanu Ghosh, who orchestrated the change, shared: “The admission process has gone through a set of innovative changes to achieve such an excellent desired outcome. One such change was to have a relevant academic expert from various technology/ humanities departments along with a management expert from SJMSOM in the personal interview panel matching with candidates’ graduation discipline.”