Axelos launches project management methodology PRINCE2 2017 in India

Project Management
Lunch of PRINCE2 in Delhi

Axelos, a UK-based conglomerate which helps organisations to implement global best practices,  announced the launch of PRINCE2 2017, the latest version of world’s most widely used project management methodology, in India. As per the claim of the company, PRINCE2 is firmly established as the world’s most practiced method for project management and is globally recognized for delivering projects successfully. The updated PRINCE2 ensures the method’s tried and tested approach to project management, with its overall structure of seven principles, themes, and processes. The PRINCE2 method is comprised of seven themes, principles, and processes and equips practitioners with the knowledge to manage projects in a range of environments.

The update is characterized by an emphasis on tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organizations and project environments; the principles that underpin PRINCE2; greater clarity on the link between the themes and principles; the restructuring of the themes guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring; and the practical application of the guidance, with numerous examples, hints, and tips, among others.

There is also provision for professionals to get PRINCE2 training and certification for excellency in project management. The represntives of the oraginsation, in a recent media interaction, also clearified the fact that PRINCE2 should not be misunderstood as a software; it is a methodology. A book on PRINCE2 methodology is also available for interested professionls.

Speaking on the occasion, Cameron Stewart, Global Head, PPM Product Development, AXELOS, said: “We are feeling extremely delighted to launch the latest version of PRINCE2 in India, that is effectively designed to be right-sized, and to be tailored in order to prepare organizations for varying, flexing and fastest-ever evolving environments. The exams have been updated and now the exams are about intelligently applying what you learned from our updated material, and our amazing partner network, with their expert trainers. PRINCE2 has always been Agile friendly and Agile enabled, and with this latest version, organizations can deliver tailored solutions in an Agile way.”

PRINCE2 is a process-based approach for project management, which is being used across various diversified sectors of the Indian economy majorly including Construction, Manufacturing, Automobiles, IT Providers, BFSI – Banking and Financial Institutes, Telecom, FMCG, and Government projects, among others.

“With the launch of PRINCE2 2017 in India, we are committed tostrengthening our existing partnerships, and developing new partnerships to expand our global footprint in the fastest-growing markets across the Asia Pacific region. We will continue to monitor the PPM community feedback as well as to improve our entire portfolio whether through new product development, or the maintenance and updating of existing products,” opines Luis Ribero, Account Manager, AXELOS, UK.

Quint Wellington Redwood is officially authorized as Accredited Training Provider for PRINCE2 certification courses in India by APMG-International. Quint believes that applying and enhancing best practices is more important than protecting them.

 “We feel extremely privileged to launch the latest version of PRINCE2, which is the world’s most practiced method for project management in India. As an Accredited Training Provider for PRINCE2, we are dedicatedly addressing the training needs of talented professionals and organizations while leveragingPRINCE2’s strength derived from decades of Best Practice in project management across diverse organizations and industries,” said Sunil Mehta, MD, Quint India. Qunit India is the strategic partner of Axelos.

In the digitally-driven business environment, organizations are continually adopting agile practices to actively align their projects with the delivery of the organization’s vision, strategy and objectives. PRINCE2 has always been applicable in a wide variety of environments, and this includes environments that favour an agile approach to project management. The PRINCE2 2017 update includes specific guidance on agile adoption and makes direct reference, where relevant, to PRINCE2 Agile. PRINCE2 2017 update also provides guidance on identifying the minimum requirement for a PRINCE2 project and on making selective, but optimum use of PRINCE2’s elements to suit the scale of the project in hand.