Theweightmonitor(TWM) to expand its personalised nutrition consultancy services to 250 cities worldwide by 2018

Karan Vir Khosla, Co-Founder and CEO_TWM
Personal fitness and wellness is a sunrise sector. With the ever-increasing stress level and hectic lifestyles, health risks and metabolism disorders among people are increasing. At the same time, health and fitness awareness among citizens across the globe has also improved a lot.
Delhi-based web portal (TWM), which offers customised weight management solutions through mobile app and dedicated nutritionists, is a by-product of this era of growing lifestyle-based health issues. Here is an exploration about this start-up which claims itself to be India’s first online weight management portal.

The genesis

Coming from a family of fitness experts and nutritionists, Karan Vir Khosla, Co-Founder and CEO, Theweightmonitor, has always been inclined towards leading a healthy lifestyle. He strongly believes that a healthy diet is half the battle won towards staying healthy. Karan’s mother, Ishi Khosla, is one of the most famous nutritionists in India. She regularly appears in reputed national newspapers and magazines  in dedicated columns for health and fitness as a columnist or nutrition advisor.
Karan observes that diets in India have gone terribly wrong in the last few years and Non-
Communicable Diseases (NCDs), such as obesity and diabetes have grown exponentially. Despite increased awareness about health and fitness, the problem only seems to be getting worse.
He remarks: “While there is a lot of information on the internet regarding dietary advices, a lot of it is not based on fads. Adding to this issue, the accessibility of professional advice in nutrition management is very limited in Tier 2/3 cities. Since time is also limited, it can get extremely tough to visit a nutritionist’s clinic for regular follow ups.”
This cause was the primary source of inspiration when Karan decided to start up a platform to offer the services of a personal nutritionist, which are available to clients – anytime and anywhere. The idea was to creating an online portal for people to learn the art of eating right for life rather than simply following a temporary rigorous diet regime.
“The digital concept of learning and getting services of Personal Nutritionist in a timely and cost-effective manner would help a customer not only to lose weight & stay fit but also learn something that can be followed for life—which is the need of the hour.” Karan opines.

Business matters

According to a report by FICCI, the Indian wellness market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% and can achieve about Rs 1.5 trillion by FY20. The market is estimated to be an INR 950 Billion and weight loss/slimming services alone are estimated to be between 60,000 – 70,000 crores.
People who want to take the services of have to opt for subscription of comprehensive web based weight loss program. TWM also offers user-friendly mobile app, which is now available on all Android and iOS smartphones, and provides users services of a Personal Nutritionist and highly tailored weight loss solutions. Karan shares: “We have a simple and transparent subscription-based revenue model. We leverage technology, innovation and professional expertise to ensure excellent customer service, which is at the core of our company.”
During the entire duration of the program, the customer engages with their Personal Nutritionist on a daily basis via effective mechanisms, including Phone calls, Skype Meetings, In-App Chats, Daily Food Diary & Score Reviews by the Personal Nutritionist, Weekly Weigh-ins (Weight check-ins), and Medical Report Analysis, among others.
At present, has a huge client base in 175 cities around the world.

The journey so far and the future ahead

Apart from motivating people to ‘getting fit and staying fit’, scaling business, and developing effective talent pool are the key challenges that Karan has faced so far.
“It has not been too long since I decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and my journey so far has been has been a rollercoaster ride – strewn with achievements and challenges,” Karan added. team envisages catering its services to 250 cities around the world by 2018. Given its modus operandi and model, may we say that the platform has the potential to grow across geographies and here to stay for a long run.