Technology in Indian Schools: Opportunities and Challenges

Indian schools

The pace at which technology is getting advanced these days, there is no denying fact that the impact of technology is huge today. Technology has made it possible for all of us to communicate with people all over the world through email, instant messaging, Skype, social media, etc. The advancements in technology have greatly influenced the various fields like Healthcare, Education, Communication, Manufacturing, Banking, etc. It is imperative for Indian schools to be equiped with latest technology so as to groom the new generation.

Technology has its own impact in the field of Education as well. Technology in the classroom has become more predominant by improved learning, increased engagement of students and virtual programs. From classroom teaching to online teaching, blackboards to interactive whiteboards and textbooks to iPads, technology brought in a continuous transformation in the educational sector. Technology has made our learning world smaller allowing everyone to have access to the education of the global classroom. With the emerging technologies in education changing the perception of learning, schools have integrated technology in the classroom to enhance better learning and teaching.

On the other hand, the technology in the classroom can be used to simplify and fasten the daily school scores. When talking about a school administration as a whole, it requires managing admissions, managing courses, student-based information, timetable management, online exam, conveyance management, attendance management, fee management, hostel management, inventory management and result management. The intricacies involved in the school activities has persuaded Mr. Ajay Sakhamuri, a young and determined entrepreneur, to develop a complete school management software that substitutes the traditional school management system which indeed proved to be a strategic fit.

For all the schools that were and still are struggling to manage their administration processes and school chores, MyClassboard is an intelligent solution to ease the burden on the school management and keep the schools accelerated towards productivity. The school management software empowered by MyClassboard is a complete package of various modules to manage academics, attendance, parent-teacher engagement, finance, transport, library, student lifecycle, HR & Payroll and others. Whatever might be the schools’ need, can be found in the MyClassboard pocket; Integrations, online payment, mobile applications, customizations – MyClassboard has everything for everyone”, said Mr Ajay Sakhamuri, CEO, MyClassboard.

The online school management software developed by the company integrates different sections of the educational organization into a single function which can be performed or handled by any person irrespective of technical knowledge. This software fosters to institutions of any type or size in managing the various tasks pertaining to several departments like student data entry, student information management, student enrollments, applications, examinations, report cards, examination marks entry, grades, students and staff attendance, fee collection, payment reports, fee dues, concessions, transport, transport fee, timetable, class schedule, staff payroll, staff leave management, library, parent-teacher collaboration and many more.

Envisioning the future consequences and the revolutionary trends that technology is about to bring in the educational sphere, Ajay, CEO of MyClassboard, endorsed the school software to navigate schools towards productivity and effortless administration. With a motto to transform education through technology and make the services available to all schools at an affordable price, MyClassboard had its inception. Founded in the year 2009 with Hyderabad as the main base, the company just had six employees. Slowly yet consistently spreading its territory to Bangalore, Chennai, North-India, North East and other cities in India, MyClassboard now has about 1200 client schools/colleges across 120 cities throughout India and also the Middle East. Over 2 million students across 3 continents are currently availing the services of MyClassboard.

The company now has a headcount of about 65 and has been achieving a consistent year-on-year growth of over 100 percent ever since the inception. Streamlining all the administrative tasks hassle-free, MyClassboard supports schools of all multiple boards of education such as CBSE, SSC, ICSE, IB and also IGCSE in India by providing a customizable platform to integrate and manage the school operations. “Technology in education can revolutionize the administrative operations,” this is what Mr. Ajay believes and did prove it by offering the software. All those who question the credibility of school management software, here is the answer says, Ajay.

Making technology as the hub, MyClassboard has manifested a clear transformation in the field of education influencing many schools to embrace technology. Needless to say, MyClassboard did even captivate the naysayers and proudly are now its existing clients.