Are You A Victim Of Workplace Bullying? This Is How You Can Deal With It

Workplace Bullying
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Many of us think that bullying is a high school thing. But this is not where it ends. The bullying gets worse and embarrassing with time. The childhood bullies often, grow as an office bully. The WBI, Workplace Bullying Institute, states that up to one-third of employees are victims of workplace bullying.

Identify Workplace Bullies

We, humans, are social animals! In our workplace what we always take care about is our social status. These bullies are no different for childhood bullies and their action are no different, just more intense and more embarrassing, they will intimidate their victims, will spread rumours to tarnish their reputation, they will also make fun of you by cracking inappropriate jokes. Bullying can vandalise anyone emotionally and mentally both.

Workplace Bullying is not just restricted to an individual. It is just not detrimental to the victims. Bullying damages the entire work environment. They disturb every level of business, which upsets the flow of work badly.

Sometimes bullying can get intense beyond expectations. It can be very harmful to the organisation’s goodwill and credibility, therefore, organizations should always take precaution to avoid heavy cures.

This is How You Can Deal With Workplace Bullies

All bullies are not the same. They often take different styles to approach. But surprisingly, the tactics to deal with them is still the same. Bullying mostly starts with the indirect interaction. Therefore, the key to stopping the bullying is reacting to it as soon as you start to see it happening, from the very first stage.

Hence, if you are dealing with a workplace bully try the following steps.

Stay Calm: Sometimes what these bullies want is, just to make you upset or hurt. So if you are satisfying their expectations. Then, that’s going to motivate them and make them happy as heck. That is why finding a way to stay calm in the face of bullying.

Documentation: You are a professional working person. Who keeps a record of everything, so why to neglect this? Keep a detailed record of, exactly what was said, and who, if anyone, heard or saw it.

Switch The Seats:  Sometimes, calling a bully’s bluff works. These people will always take an indirect medium to bully. Because they are afraid of confrontation, so what are you waiting for? Try responding them with abusive statements such as, “you always mess up” if he/she is responding with another smear. Ask for specifics. Often they have nothing constructive to add and will back off.

Find a Champion: Like many other organisations, your organisation might have a formal Human Resource procedure to deal with bullies. If so, then don’t wait to report with the documentation as a proof, which you prepared. If the person to whom you would report is the culprit, then try to find another person or approach the higher authority.