5 Popular Scholarship Options for Indian Students to Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Every year, this season rings the bell for hunters who are in haunt of the better college and the best scholarship. The past witnessed hike in the number of Indian students going to study abroad for higher education. But now-a-days, the trend is no more limited to the higher or post-graduation. The jungle of scholarship is full of crop hunters. The number of students opting to study abroad for even graduation degree is increasing rampantly.

The very surprising fact of scholarships are, students believing in every scholarship myth littering the internet.  Finding scholarship may be quite challenging, but it will be worth your time and efforts. So give your thoughts time it requires and prepare yourself for some stiff competition. Things will seem hazy to you until you know what suits your career best.

The following input will help you to explore few of the best scholarship options available to study abroad.

Hornby Scholarship

This scholarship covers all the expenses in the United Kingdom including a monthly stipend to cover accommodation and living expenses, tuition fees, and return air tickets, VISA and IELTS test cost. The A.S. Hornby educational trust offers the Hornby scholarship to students who aspire to study and ELT course in the UK. The trust was set up in 1961 to support English language teaching world-wide. The scholarship is intended towards the potentials students who can make a significant contribution to English language and teachers in their countries.

Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening scholarship enables students having leadership qualities from144 countries and territories to undertake the course in U.K. The scheme is funded by foreign and common wealth office and partner organization. It was established in 1983 and has turned into one of the prestigious international scheme. The program provides full or part funding for several courses normally for one year master’s degree in any subject in U.K.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

In India this scholarship is monitor by the commonwealth scholarship commission. It is one of the well know and popular scholarships available to students from commonwealth countries. Engineering and technology, agriculture, science (applied and pure), humanities and social science are few of the courses which student can apply for. In India ministry of Human Resource Development takes the responsibility of the preliminary selection of candidates for scholarship.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program

Students from developing countries who have no other means of financing their studies can always seek help from Aga khan foundation international scholarship program which provides a limited number of scholarships each year for post graduates studies. The foundation takes care of the living expenses and tuition fees only. Half of the amount out of scholarship is considered as a loan must be returned with annual service charge of five percent. Like every other loan process a guarantor is required to co- sign the loan agreement. After the 6 months of the study period funded by the Aga khan foundation the payback period starts for the five years.   

USIEF Scholarship

United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF) is an opportunity for Indian to study in the top most American universities. USIEF was established to make academic relationship between Indian and American universities. Tata scholarship fund will support approximately 20 scholars at any given time from India.

Students who are eligible to apply or scholarship are advised to visit the website of ministry of human resource development, to know more about many more scholarships offered in partnership with other governments.