The Container Industry is connected with almost every industry: Hansraj Budhiraja, CEO, AB Sea Container,

Container Industry

In a conversation with BiznessByte, Hansraj Budhiraja, CEO, AB Sea Container, shared his views on the Indian container industry along with giving an idea about the way their company operates. Here is an edited excerpt of the interview.

1) Give us an idea about the Indian container industry and its future.

Container industry is currently on its best boom, a large number of the population is still unaware of how efficiently containers can be used with innovations. The Container Industry is connected with almost every industry and varied sectors, and containers are almost the best hybrid solution for everything. One can live in it, work in it, and open a shop and so forth. All that required is creativity to establish the usage of containers in the desired aspect.

2) Please tell us something about your company.

AB Sea Container is the leader in modular construction. We specialize in providing dynamic and innovative turnkey solutions for multipurpose spaces. While customizing products as per customer’s requirement and achieving the expectations & needs of every client. AB Sea Container, deals in and have expertise in numerous services and had an enormous range of products for all types of requirement.

Services, which AB Sea Container offers are Transportation & Logistics, Truck &Trailer Repair, and Maintenance, Container Yards, Container Leasing, Container Repair, Clearing and Forwarding, Warehousing, Shed Fabricators, Cargo & Shipping Agents, Shipping Services, Container Manufacturing and many others as well.

We are Supplier and Manufacturer of Dry Freight Container (Shipping Container/Cargo Container), Office Container, Porta Cabin, Modular Site Office, Modular Site Porta Cabins, Modular Portable Container of unique size, Modular Houses, Porta Cabin House, Bunkhouse, Modular Containers & Porta Cabins for unique purposes like Restaurant, Kitchen, Labour.

Accommodation, Bedrooms, House & Home, Toilets & Washroom, Changing Room, Security Cabin, Check-Post, Toll Plaza, Shops, Restrooms, Guesthouse and much more. We are the most preferred Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier of ample array of such products and the quality of our products are well renowned worldwide. We forte Unbeatable style, Durability, Efficiency & Suave of the end product and exactly as per specifications provided by our customer.

3) Please let us know how much time is taken to make a container. And when refurbishing it? Give a detailed account of the processes.

To manufacture a totally new container, it can take up to 42 hours, whereas already manufactured container is ready for refurbishment at any point in time. Refurbishing of Containers takes average 24-48 hours. In short container with best basic quality is assured and delivered within 3 days. We also have a within-a-day delivery facility for our customers who are in immediate requirement.

4) What were the challenges you faced while starting this business and what are the challenges you are facing now?

The rigid mindset of the masses is always a challenge for every business. We are innovators and we are quite aware of how masses are not accepting to new ideas. But with right knowledge and education transferred to our patron, we do not face such challenges now.

5) What should the government do to improve this industry and the foreign trade at large?

The government has already taken right initiatives, which have great implications for our industry. Besides, the Indian labour law needs to be revised, so that Indian manufacturers can match up and compete with the international competitors.