Beyond The Veil – The Journey Of An Indian Girl: A novella exploring a new definition of femininity

Indian Girl

Siddhi Palande’s debut novella, “Beyond The Veil – The journey of an Indian girl,” chronicles the journey of the girl, Janhvi Desai, who hails from a small town. It is a story about her trials and tribulations while dealing with a patriarchal society.

Unlike many debut writers who opt for popular genres such as romance and thrillers, Siddhi has chosen a socio-cultural genre which not only redefines the concept of soul mate but severely criticises the social setup.

The young crowd may find this novella appealing because of the revolutionary thinking of the protagonist. Also, it strongly advocates equality by all means. The novella is not just a fight against social discord owing to the patriarchal setup, but it is also a movement to embrace the lesser accepted counterparts of the society.  The Indian constitution and the moral police might find this work of fiction against their norms but that doesn’t deter the author from telling the story.

“My novella may not suit your taste if you adhere to the pseudo-cultural mindset or believe that it is your right to raise your voice against those ‘crossing their limits.’ On the surface, you meet a small town girl, Janhvi Desai, who slowly evolves as a human. But when you look closer her struggle against the patriarchy isn’t hers alone. She, who has suffered at the hands of her husband, then holds his hand, heals his bruised soul to reach what we call serenity. The novella is about the emancipation of two souls bruised by the societal pressure,” says the writer, Siddhi.

The novella is based on a true story. “I had heard about this incident   from the protagonist’s mother but never realised it can materialise into a novella.”


A Lawyer by profession, Janhvi Desai has lived her life on the dictates of her family. Assuming that marriage will bring in freshness and freedom she gets married to a Mumbai-based engineer, Ram. But once again faces the wrath of the society. Every passing day, Janhvi Desai – Raghuvanshi finds her self-esteem diminishing as her dreams get trampled upon. But while finding the meaning of her being, her relationship with her estranged husband takes a beautiful turn. Between Ram and Janhvi rests a delicate secret and an irrevocable difference. But some relationships thrive despite the difference.

Delving into the dysfunctional world of an Indian girl where patriarchy is the villain, where two bruised souls meet and it is only to change the definition of soul mate.


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