British Indian crime-fiction author Vish Dhamija launches his fifth book “Nothing Else Matters”

Nothing Else Matters

Vish Dhamija, a well-known crime fiction author launched his latest fiction “Nothing Else Matters”. This is his fifth book. His previous four bestselling novels are Deja Karma, Bhendi Bazaar, Nothing Lasts Forever, and Doosra – The Other One.

 “Nothing Else Matters” is based on the story of a hired gun, Luv Singh who carries out assassinations for an underworld don. His clients are anonymous, so are the targets. Out one night on a job, he awaits his target to climb out of the car that’s just arrived at the scene. As he looks through the scope of his rifle, his finger on the trigger, he sees his target accompanied by the most beautiful women, Luv has ever seen: Zoya.

Nothing Else Matters
Cover page of the book

Zoya Merchant was Luv Singh’s girlfriend back in his college days, almost two decades ago.

He fails to take a shot. He’s betrayed Zoya once before and so he cannot assassinate her husband. Knowing that the mafia doesn’t condone failure or dissidence, Luv still pledges to save Zoya’s husband from whoever’s calling the shots.

Nothing Else Matters is a riveting tale set alternately in the criminal underworld and Zoya and Luv’s college lives and about making choices that impact lives forever. It is crime fiction, but it is also a heartbreaking romance of a love that never dies. Come, fall in love with its flawed characters that cannot be forgiven, but will always be loved.

About the Author

Vish Dhamija is a crime fiction author of four bestselling novels: Deja Karma, Bhendi Bazaar, Nothing Lasts Forever, and Doosra- The Other One. Vish is best known for his multi-layered plots, believable characterization and captivating storylines. In a recent survey by eBooks India website, Vish was listed among top 51 Indian authors you must follow.

Author’s Motivation for writing the book:

‘Nothing Else Matters’ is a result of author’s desire to write crime fiction with an air of romance in it. His earlier work has been based purely on crime-fiction and so he shaped his mind to bring out the essence of romance from the life of a hired gun in his next project. He wanted to write a story of realistic people who readers could relate to, to depict how ordinary lives could change in a second, the many manifestations of love, and how love wins in the end.

The book is a rare combo of crime-fiction and heart-breaking romance of a love that never dies – it is very much a standalone story.

Nothing Else Matters has been published by Srishti Publishers. The price is of this 248-page book is INR 250 only.