Now Six FTII PG Diploma Programmes Equivalent to Master’s Degree


In a landmark achievement for Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) has equated six PG Diploma Programmes of the Institute with Master’s Degree. This new development by AIU launches FTII into a new academic orbit and introduces a new dimension for students who can now leverage this attribute in case they want to opt for higher studies, in India and abroad.

Recently, a four-member Committee from Association of Indian Universities visited FTII, which was followed by a series of presentations given by the Heads of Department and Faculty members from the institute who gave detailed presentations before the AIU Committee. The committee also visited the academic locations as well as technical facilities besides meeting with student representatives from the campus.

Gajendra Chauhan, Chairman FTII, Pawan Manvi and Rajan Welukar, members of FTII Academic Council briefed the Committee on the strong credentials of FTII. Renowned FTII alumni Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Satish Shah, Tom Alter, Amitabh Shukla, Mahesh Aney, Bishwadeep Chatterjee and Siddharth Tatooskar were among the leading dignitaries who were present on the occasion.

FTII had been making efforts for many years to secure the Master’s Degree for its programmes. Priyabrat Panigrahi a sound engineer from the Institute’s 2011 PG Diploma batch, opines: “My reaction is positive as it was a long-pending due. However, this is just a proposal on the desk. I can’t be sure until it is implemented.”

Another alumnus of the institution, Ranjan Rampal, who teaches editing in Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU), says:”This will help me and  other friends who want to go for academics and do Ph. D. Truly speaking, in any case, FTII gives this opportunity but the next step needed is better earnings for teachers at FTII.”

Though Panigrahi feels certificate doesn’t really matter in his profession in order to work in movies or in any project, a Master’s degree certainly helps some students who want to go for further studies, explore jobs in government organisations or in some international organisations.

Rampal is waiting for the institute’s formal communication with alumni like him. He is of the opinion that if it would be better if FTII can rename the programmes as Masters Degree in Film. Rampal is also anxious to know whether passed out students will get the benefit of this development or it is only for the coming batches.

Keeping in mind the depth of preparation, the level of studies and development in their respective programmes, many students at FTII feel that the PG Diploma programmes offered by FTII are no less than any Master’s programmes run by Indian universities.

Given below are the six PG Diploma programmes:

  1. Cinematography, Duration: Three Years

  2. Editing, Duration; Three Years

  3. Direction & Screenplay Writing, Duration: Three Years

  4. Sound Recording & Sound Design, Duration: Three Years

  5. Art Direction & Production Design, Duration: Three Years

  6. Acting, Duration: Two Years