Spoken Tutorial Project of IIT Bombay Launches IT Training Programme

Spoken Tutorial Project
Image Courtesy: thebetterindia.com
The Spoken Tutorial project of IIT Bombay has launched an IT training program at the V.G. Vaze Arts and Science College in Mulund, Mumbai.  IIT Bombay has also initiated a laptop distribution initiative with the help of  Mumbai-based spatial technologies firm, Cybertech Systems and Software Ltd.
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay’s Spoken Tutorial Project is the initiative of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology, launched by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The purpose of this initiative is to offer IT training to all students in India in order to improve their employment potential and to make them do well in their studies. The Spoken Tutorial project uses open source software to achieve this end.
The new facility is envisioned to increase the IT awareness and to contribute towards skill development for students from the non-IT background. The lab will provide computer training to the three-year degree students of V. G. Vaze College, as well as students from other institutions. The Spoken Tutorial project of IIT Bombay will train the faculty of V.G. Vaze College, who in turn will help provide an effective training programme for students. IIT Bombay has signed MOUs with CyberTech and V.G. Vaze College for this purpose.
Using Spoken Tutorials, which are essentially a collection of ten minute long audio-video tutorials, students will be trained to use various open source software.  The focus of this training is to help them understand core concepts in various subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biochemistry, Mathematics, Arts, Commerce, Animation, Graphics, etc.).  Using these tutorials, students can also learn programming languages, office tools, and graphic and circuit design tools, in a simple and interesting manner.
The spoken part of the audio-video tutorials is dubbed into most Indian languages. The software content includes 3D-Visualization software for chemistry and macromolecules (Jmol Application, GchemPaint, Avogadro, UCSF-Chimera), software for doing basic physics and electronics experiments (ExpEYES, Arudino), interactive  geometry and algebra software (Geogebra), process diagram editor for drawing gene-regulatory and biochemical networks (CellDesigner), accounting and commerce (Frontaccounting), and animation and graphics (Blender, Inkscape, Synfig).
CyberTech is a leader in Enterprise Spatial Analytics with two industry leading platforms for smart cities. GeoCivic is India’s leading smart city platform for property tax digitalization and GeoShield is a highly successful public safety and law enforcement platform.