Susanna Jones: A woman’s exploration to discover her self

Susanna Jones

Susanna Jones is the second novel of author Dhanashri Kadam which revolves around the life of Susanna Jones, a lady who discovers her own self after passing through a withered life of a failed relationship and early loss of her father.

The story unfolds like this: Distraught due to her father’s demise, 23-year-old Susanna Samuel Jones wishes for a ray of light to enter her life. And it does, in the form of Abhishek Arvind Mehta, the son of a wealthy Hindu politician and those two quickly strike a chord. But her happiness is short-lived, for Abhishek falls weak in front of circumstances, ending their relationship and leaving Susanna broken, completely shattered.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Richard Davis, Susanna’s childhood best friend who is secretly in love with her, helps her come out of her depressed state along with her mother and doctors. Finally out of depression, she becomes a strong woman, publishing her book and inspiring others along the way.

But when Abhishek enters her life again, wanting a second chance, chaos ensues.

What will Susanna choose? Will she give Abhishek another chance? Will Malcolm ever be able to express his feelings? The readers will find answers to these questions after they read it.

Susanna JonesThe writer Dhanashri Kadam is a Frnech Professor and is not fully associated with any organisation, and hence she gets enough time and space to feed her brain as a writer. In 2013, her poem ‘Discovering Woman’ won the national level poetry competition and it was published in the book ‘Words of Smith’. In July 2015, Dhanashri represented India at a cultural exchange that happened in Paris, France where she was selected amongst 130 candidates all over the world.

Dhanashri took eight months to complete the book and her journey to publish the book was dramatic.  She doesn’t remember what exactly inspired her to write the book, she just started writing the story as the idea hit her mind. She also had no intentions at all of publishing the book. When she completed writing the book, she took printouts of the entire manuscript and shared that with her friends who loved reading including her family members and students.

Dhanashri Kadam recalls an interesting anecdote: “I clearly remember that day when one of my tenth grade students called me up and urged me a lot to meet her immediately. I agreed. When she came at my residence, she hugged me tight; tears were rolling down her cheeks. I was completely taken aback. I consoled her and asked her the reason for her weeping. She told me that my book left a mesmerising impression on her. She was overwhelmed after having read the story. She also told me that my book should reach a greater audience and I must take its publication seriously.”

In the course of time, the writer received good reviews from her friends and family. It was then she got the confidence and decided to publish the book.

The book is available on Amazon and many leading book stores across cities.